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Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 7 - support for 70 additional sample libraries


Babylonwaves has released Art Conductor 7, a collection of over 7000 professionally build articulation switching templates available for Logic, Cubase and Cakewalk. The new release adds support for 70 additional sample libraries bringing the total to 430.

Here's what they say:

Art Conductor set out to make articulation switching a truthfully enjoyable experience. The way the templates are laid out is designed to get the best out of commercial sample libraries by instilling life and additional realism. Because, in layman's terms, real orchestral instrument players switch their articulation all the time.

So how does it work? With Art Conductor, the most important articulations share the same key switches, use the same naming convention and articulation color across the board. Depending on the DAW, regions can be moved from one orchestra instrument to another and the most important articulations will transfer over.

Users claim that Art Conductor takes away the technicalities when using sample libraries and let them focus more on the creative side. They use up to 90% less tracks in their arrangements, get a superior overview and their sampled instrument sound so much more realistic and alive.

Unified key switches
A Sustained note gets always activated using the note C, whereas, for instance, you dial up Legato with the trigger note C#. The default key switches of the libraries are all setup differently and Art Conductor solves that for you. For those who prefer a menu, the first entry in the list of articulations is always a Sustain and all the rest is sorted alphabetically.

Unified colors
Short notes are red, Long notes are blue, anything with movement like Trills show in green. Why's that important? Because you can look at the edit window and you instantly see which type of articulation is playing, even without reading any name. And again, that's true for every library supported by Art Conductor*.

Unified articulation control
Under normal circumstances, moving a musical motive to a different instrument will render the articulation you've assigned before useless. Art Conductor uses a clever matrices technology to carry the most important articulations over in context*.

Additional content in Art Conductor 7:

  • 8Dio Century Strings Lite v2.
  • 8Dio Century Strings Sordino v2 Snapshot.
  • 8Dio Century Strings v2 Snapshot.
  • 8Dio Claire Alto Flute Virtuoso.
  • 8Dio Claire Bassoon Virtuoso.
  • 8Dio Claire English Horn Virtuoso.
  • 8Dio Claire Oboe Virtuoso.
  • 8Dio Intimate Studio Brass Snapshot.
  • 8Dio Intimate Studio Strings Snapshot.
  • 8Dio Intimate Studio Woodwinds Snapshot.
  • 8Dio Legion 66 Basses.
  • 8Dio Legion 66 Trombones.
  • 8Dio Legion 66 Tubas.
  • Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass.
  • Cinematic Studio Woodwinds.
  • East West Hollywood Backup Singers.
  • East West Hollywood Choir.
  • East West Hollywood Pop Brass.
  • East West Hollywood Solo Instruments.
  • East West Voices Of Opera.
  • East West Voices Of Soul.
  • East West Voices Of The Empire.
  • Heavyocity Forzo Snapshots.
  • Heavyocity Vento Snapshots.
  • Native Instruments Amati Viola Snapshots and Factory.
  • Native Instruments Guarneri Violin Snapshots and Factory.
  • Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst Deluxe.
  • Native Instruments Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic.
  • Native Instruments Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic.
  • Native Instruments Stradivari Cello Snapshots and Factory.
  • Native Instruments Stradivari Violin Snapshots and Factory.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Banshee Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Dracus Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Electric Bass Rick Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Flatpick 6 Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Hollowbody Blues Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Infinity Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Jazz Archtop Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Jumbo 12 Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Mandolin Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Modern Nylon Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Rick 12 Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Rock Standard Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Songwriter Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Steel Strings Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Stratosphere Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Strawberry Snapshot.
  • Orange Tree Evolution Texas Twang Snapshot.
  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Symphonic Strings.
  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds Exp A Additional Instruments Snapshots.
  • Orchestral Tools LA Sessions.
  • Orchestral Woodwind Soloist 1 Sine.
  • Orchestral Woodwind Soloist 2 Sine.
  • Spitfire Abbey Road One Legend. Low Strings.
  • Spitfire Abbey Road One Selections Sparkling Woodwinds.
  • Spitfire Contemporary Drama Toolkit.
  • Spitfire Eric Whitacre Choir.
  • VSL BBO Dorado.
  • VSL BBO Fornax.
  • VSL BBO Ganymede.
  • VSL BBO Phoenix.
  • VSL BBO Quasar.
  • VSL BBO Tana.
  • VSL BBO Ursa.
  • VSL BBO Vega.
  • VSL BBO Wallia.
  • VSL BBO Xenia.
  • VSL BBO Zodiac.

A full list of compatible libraries is available on the the babylonwaves website.


Art Conductor is available for Cubase/Nuendo (as Expression Maps), Logic (as Articulation sets) and Cakewalk (as Articulation maps). The templates are made for every platform with their specific features set in mind. They're not just converted.

Intro Price: 74.50 Euro (Reg. 108.90 Euro).

*Unified Colors are only available in Cubase, Nuendo and Cakewalk. Unified Articulation Control is only available in Logic and Cakewalk.



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