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Basq Audio releases FxDiff - Plugin Analyzer and Level Matcher

Basq Audio

BASQ Audio has released FxDiff, a VST3/AU plugin designed to analyze other audio plugins. By inserting FxDiff around the plugins under test, you can examine its behavior and effects. Additionally, FxDiff serves as a level matcher, enabling precise comparison between bypassed and processed signals.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response Analysis: Conduct gain and phase analysis of any plugin loaded in DAW. You can even visualize the Gain curves of EQ plugins without EQ curve GUI.
  • Compression and Distortion Analysis: Examine the compression curves of compressor plugins and the non-linear distortion curves of saturator plugins.
  • Spectrum Analyzer: Compare the frequency domain characteristics between bypassed and processed paths to identify the added effect by the plugins.
  • Oscilloscope: Assess the time-domain waveform and differences between the bypassed and processed signals for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Level Matching: Automatically match the level between bypassed and processed paths, ensuring accurate evaluation of the plugin's effect without level discrepancies.
  • Auditory Comparison: Listen to the differences or blend between the bypassed and processed signals.
  • Signal Generator: Generate basic test signals, such as sine waves, noise, or specified WAV audio, to use in place of the input signal.

Price: $39.00 USD.

A 30 day free trial is available.



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