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Bass Gnomes releases Clarity 2.0 and Decentralized for Windows

Bass Gnomes

Bass Gnomes has released Clarity 2.0 and Decentralized, two free plug-ins, for 64-bit Windows.

Clarity 2.0 is a rework of the original Clarity 32-bit. The additional options have been removed in favor of a more simple interface with better results.

Clarity is based on an effect caused by short millisecond delays chained and inverted against the original signal, which produces a high frequency stimulation as well as audible clarity improvement.

Decentralized is the result of an experiment done with some strange mid/side routing mixed with signal comparison and cancellation, and also an homage to Bitcoin and the decentralization movement. The result was surprisingly pleasant when use properly on either independent channels or even an entire mix. The stereo image is widened, but no delay is being used.

Bass Gnomes says:

It's more than just boosting the side mix and I can't exactly explain what it's doing, and it can also create the effect of having no central point of sound when used properly.



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