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Berkleemusic announces new courses: "Music Production Analysis" and "Audio Mastering Techniques"


Berkleemusic, the online school of Boston's Berklee College of Music, is debuting two new online courses for their upcoming fall term, beginning September 28th: "Music Production Analysis" and "Audio Mastering Techniques".

Music Production Analysis
Students will develop the skills to listen to music like a seasoned music producer, learn to identify the elements of effective records, and gain the skills to bring these elements to their own productions. The course is authored and taught by Stephen Webber, an Emmy-winning composer and professor of Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music, with over thirty years of experience as a record producer.

"You would figure this stuff out eventually, over 20 or 30 years of making records," says Webber. "This course will save you a decade or two, in terms of realizing this is how these records work and teaching you how to listen like a seasoned producer."

While designed especially for aspiring record producers, Music Production Analysis will also be extremely helpful to recording artists, recording engineers, songwriters, record labels, publishers, artist managers, session players, music journalists, and music educators.

Audio Mastering Techniques
Students will gain a thorough understanding of what is involved in creating a final master recording ready for duplication, replication, or online distribution. Course authors and instructors Marc Einstmann and Jonathan Wyner have over 40 years of professional mastering experience between them.

Wyner, associate professor in the Music Production and Engineering department at Berklee College of Music and owner of M Works Mastering Studios in Cambridge, MA, explains: "We'll take students through the entire process of mastering a record on a step-by-step basis. We also pause to really dive into the details of the technical aspects and give students a chance to practice at different tasks and get direct feedback."

Einstmann, senior mastering engineer at MasterLab Mastering Studios in Hamburg, and owner of Sonic Silver Mastering in New York City, continues: "This course is not just geared towards people who want to get actively involved in mastering. It's for anyone who wants to improve his or her mixing skills in general. Realizing and understanding what happens post-production will help you pay more attention to what's possible during the whole process and, ultimately, give you a better result."

Audio Mastering Techniques will equip students with a professional level understanding of the day-to-day mastering process, which will enable you to create a level matched, hi-fidelity, error free, and duplication-ready master with associated documentation.

"Mastering is not a magic trick," says Wyner. "It is something that you can practice and understand. By the end of this course, you will be equipped to do a job that may look like a mastering trick to other people but you'll understand what its really about."

These new courses join more than 130 other online music courses and multi-course certificate programs in music production, guitar, bass, voice, music business, songwriting, and more. Fall term begins September 28, 2009.



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