Big Fish Audio

Big Fish Audio has released Sequence: Hip Hop Beat Creator, a 12-channel sequencer with built-in 808 basses and a drum roll creator. It includes over 4,000 drum samples, 32 unique 808 basses, and a roll creator that puts Trap-style hi-hat and snare rolls at a user's fingertips.

5 main pages:

  1. Sequencer: Create beats using the step sequencer which features the ability to customize twelve variations of a drum part using twelve separate "Scenes".
  2. Mixer: Within each mixer channel a user has the ability to apply any of the fourteen included effects as well as adjust volume, pan, sample length, sample tune, and multi-output settings.
  3. Roll Creator: This page allows the user to browse for, select, and edit the sample they want to apply to the Roll Creator channel. Additionally, there is the option to un-sync the rolls from the host tempo allowing a user to play back rolls at any speed using the speed slider.
  4. Menus: The Menus page allows the user to preview any of over 4,000 drum samples using sixty-two different banks of drum sounds. Once the user finds a sample, it can be applied to any of the twelve sequencer channels or the Roll Creator.
  5. 808: Choose any of the thirty-two different 808 sounds from this page. Playback controls and quick access to FX for the 808s are also included.

Price: $99.95.

Watch the Sequence: Hip Hop Beat Creator Trailer:

Watch the Sequence Quickstart Tutorial:




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