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Camel Audio launches Group Buy (50% Off Already Reached!)

Camel Audio

As widely requested by potential customers in a recent survey and in view of the tough economic times, Camel Audio decided to launch the Camel Audio Group Buy. The number of sign-ups Camel Audio targeted to meet the 50% discount has already been achieved so if you sign up now you are guaranteed to pay no more than half price for your Camel Audio products!

AlchemyYou'd better hurry if you want to participate - the Group Buy will end on Monday, November 16th. Once you have signed up, you will be directed to a page from which you can buy the products at the reduced price. You have till the end of November to purchase.

The Group Buy Details

The price of Alchemy is $249 outside of the Group Buy, but with the maximum discount of 50% you will pay just $125 for Alchemy, $43 for CamelSpace/CamelPhat or $29 for a soundbank (As well as for Alchemy, Camel Audio also sells soundbanks for Native Instruments' Absynth and Massive).

Points Discount



In the table to the right, Alchemy counts for 3 points, and all other products such as CamelSpace, CamelPhat and soundbanks count for 1 point. Camel Audio is also offer the following bonuses:

Additional bonus:

  • 75: Free Alchemy Soundbank: Choirs, Basses & Keys - 500MB samples + 30 presets.
  • 400: Free Alchemy Soundbank: Viral Infection from Nucleus Soundlab - 1GB samples + 30 presets.
  • 800: Free Alchemy Soundbank: Extra 90 presets.
  • 1500: Free Alchemy Tutorial Videos: 40 Mins Of New, High Quality Tutorials.
  • 2500: 50% Off Soundbank Coupon - applicable to upcoming soundbanks <- Current Level.
  • 4000: Alchemy Sounds Mystery Bonus - additional high quality samples and presets.

This group buy isn't just an opportunity to expand the Alchemy userbase, it's also an opportunity to make Alchemy even better with up to 1.7GB of extra samples and 150 presets. Camel Audio is offering the above extra bonuses to all Alchemy customers - not just group buy participants. If you purchased Alchemy recently at full price, and despite the above benefits you don't feel happy, then please email support@camelaudio.com and they say they'll do their best to put a smile back on your face.

To take part, simply visit this link and select the products you would like to purchase, and then sign-up for a Camel Audio account if you have not already done so.

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