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CARP Audio releases Krossbow Dynamics Processor (VST3/AU)

CARP Audio

CARP Audio has announced the release of Krossbow, claiming to offer a fresh approach to dynamics processing, combining the best elements of compressors and transient designers into a single, intuitive tool.

At the heart of Krossbow lies its Maximum Reduction feature. Instead of indiscriminately squashing dynamics, Krossbow dynamically adjusts the sound towards a user-defined maximum, supposedly ensuring that your tracks maintain their natural dynamics while still packing a punch that cuts through the mix. Krossbow also prides itself in its simplicity with no complicated threshold or ratio settings.

While compressors primarily aim to reduce dynamic range, they are frequently utilized to Enhance Impact and Punch, even while it being a byproduct of their primary function. Compressors persist in their compression even after the desired impact enhancement has been achieved, squashing the sound even further. That's why Krossbow was created. So you don't mess up unnecessary aspects of your Dynamics, trying to gain some Punch.

Use cases:

  • Enhancing the Dynamical Impact of Bass, Synths, Drums and other Instruments.
  • Give more punch to your sounds.
  • Glue Instruments/Synths together with the Drums.
  • Recover Dynamic Depth of Heavily Processed/Flattened Audio.
  • Better Dynamics for cleaner Post Processing like Distortion/Clipping.
  • Leveling Vocals.
  • Many more to explore.


  • Reduction Amount.
  • MAX Reduction.
  • Attack.
  • Release.
  • External Sidechain Mode.
  • 2 Needle Response Modes.
  • 2x to 32x Oversampling.
  • 8 Oversampling filter types.

Intro Price: $45.99 (Reg. $90.00).




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