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Causal Agency Additive Synth released

Causal Agency

Additive Synthesizer is a new free beta, er, additive synth VSTi from Causal Agency.

Additive Synth is an Additive Synth with 32 oscillators 4 effects (Flanger, Reverb, Phaser, and Delay) and envelopes for all oscillators (Volume, Phase and Detune). Additive synthesis is based on Fourier's theory that every periodic sound is composed out of many sine waves added together. This synth has 32 sine wave oscillators.

The first oscillator is pitched to the base frequency of the sounds currently played: all of the others have a multiple of the base frequency. Each Oscillators parameters (frequency, phase and volume) can be controlled by an envelope.

The source code is also downloadable for all of those developer types...


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