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Chopitch v0.8.4 released


Chopitch is a pitch shifting effect that completely eliminates the warble effect which is normally associated with pitch shifting, plus there's no added latency in the process so it's not necessary to adjust for delay after treating your tracks and it's great if you're using plugins for live music.

Chopitch is available as a VST effect for Windows and Mac OS 9/X as a beta (v0.8.6) which expires on 1st July. The full version will be released at a price yet to be announced.

  • Dramatic pitch swoops in perfect time with the music.
  • Make drums sound bigger without losing the attack.
  • Intelligent gating system.
  • Instant octave down, play bass lines on any instrument.
  • None of the uneven sounds typical of pitch shifters.
  • No added delay, such as is always present in pitch shifters.
  • Pitch can follow the volume of the input signal, for "talking drum" type effects.
  • Remix beats to make them your own.
  • Dramatic flanger type sounds, triggered by the beat.


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