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Christopher Carmichael releases C-C-RNG - Free Random Number Generator Plug-in for Windows 64-bit VST3

Christopher Carmichael

Christopher Carmichael has released C-C-RNG, a free random number generator plug-in for Windows 64-bit, VST3.

C-C-RNG has 4 sets of Random Number Generators, each with different ranges:

  1. 1-8.
  2. 1-12.
  3. 1-16.
  4. 1-24.

Christopher comments:

C-C-RNG also processes your audio, with no effects, but the plug-in's standard audio engine seems to add a bit of dynamic range and clarity to your audio, as an added bonus, I think because of SynthEdit's standard audio engine being applied to the audio signal. I made no enhancements to the audio processing myself.



Discussion: Active
4 August 2021 at 3:37pm

Can this number generation affect other plugins somehow?

7 August 2021 at 3:54am

No, not that I'm aware of, unless it is somehow built-in to some structure of the plug-in automatically. It should just have audio out only. There are other outputs that can be enabled I think, not by, by me, but I'm not sure if they even work correctly with the version of SynthEdit that I created the plug-in with, so I'm not really sure if it actually is possible or not, I'm really a novice plug-in builder, so I can't really say for sure on that one.

7 August 2021 at 3:56am

Sorry, when I said, "There are other outputs that can be enabled I think, not by, by me" I meant to say "not by you, by me"

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