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Digital 1 DJ updates PCDJ DEX to v1.0. Build 7228

Digital 1 DJ

Digital 1 DJ has updated PCDJ DEX to v1.0. Build 7228.


  • Fixed Possible Uniloc Reactivation.
  • Fixed problem with year column not showing up.
  • Initial support for Reloop Digital Jockey 2 controller (fx aren't mapped yet).
  • Fixed audio CD playback which no longer worked in earlier betas.
  • Improved 'year' tag reading.
  • Fixes possible search lock up.
  • Fixes problem that prevented cue points in m4a/mp4 files from showing up.
  • Fixes ratings not showing up sometimes.
  • Cue points are now stored for MP4/M4A files.
  • Fixed bug with Karaoki not being able to load certain files.
  • Comments field no longer shows iTunes binary data.
  • Fixed loaded playlist getting re-ordered when doing a search and sorting the search results.
  • Added option to automatically select the first cue point on load.
  • Added FLAC and AIFF recording of a mix.
  • Fixed 'case' button not working for sub-folders anymore.
  • Some small fixes and improvements to the tag database.
  • Fixed Preview player not working with DirectSound output.
  • Fixed problem connecting Denon controller (so far only seen on a Japanese Windows).
  • Improvements to 'Order' column, you can now enable the order column at any time to re-order to the original order. Note that as soon as you close Dex the current order is stored and the old order is still lost.
  • Fixed VST effect on third deck being reset when turning on mic with BCD-2000 controller.
  • Fixed TAP button on Stanton DaScratch controller not working anymore to switch decks.
  • Fixed BPM detection not being accurate on certain track.


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