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Digital 1 DJ updates PCDJ DEX to v1.0 Build 7084

Digital 1 DJ

Digital 1 DJ has updated PCDJ DEX to v1.0 Build 7084.


  • Changed Activation Security.
  • Fixed HC4500 display when returning from CD mode.
  • Fixed small graphical artifacts that could appear when resizing a skin.
  • Fixed delete/rename not working correctly when used from case button.
  • Performance Enhancements (faster loading of files, Faster graphics).
  • Fixed problem with m4a/mp4 tag length not showing up.
  • M4A/MP4 cover art should be loaded correctly now.
  • The Keyboard/mixnow button now correctly works with autoplay. This function is also used by some controllers, but some skins still use their own mixnow script.
  • Fixed some tag database bugs.
  • Fixed non-column mode playlist/browser format not being restored on startup.
  • Fixed switching decks on the HS-5500 causing pitch jumps.
  • Fixed using Reflex/MsPinky vinyl on sample rates other than 44.1 kHz.
  • Added threshold and cutoff options for Reflex/MsPinky to optimize behavior when needle is stopped.
  • M4A/MP4 tags that were still in the tag database from before the previous update are now automatically updated.
  • MP4/M4A tags are now shown when loading the song to a player, and length is also read from the tag while browsing.
  • Fixed some small issues with loading playlists and re-ordering them.
  • Added new EQ type Full Spectrum, which is a little stronger, and mid-eq better complements low and high eq.
  • TouchPadX and TouchPadY values can be used for midi controllers now.
  • 4% pitch range added.
  • Fixed playback of .cue files (.cue's in combination with audio files).
  • Small improvements to tempo control quality.
  • Added keyboard/loadnext command to load the next track in the playlist.
  • Improved automatic beatgrid on tracks with variable BPM.
  • Time display changed so that it no longer shows decimals when the time is larger than 1 hour (looks better on certain skins).
  • Fixed problem with 'enable tempo control on pitch bend' not disabling tempo control when used from a midi control when pitch bending is stopped.
  • Added initial support for DJ-Tech i-Mix, DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload and DJ-Tech Kontrol One controllers.
  • Fixed preview player not working with DirectSound driver and output mode 4 or 5.
  • Fixed preview player in playlist/browser not working with DirectSound output in Output Mode 4 or 5.
  • Fixed possible crash when trying to load a file or change folder/case while a delete or move operation was in progress.
  • Fixed m4a/mp4 tag reading in playlist and browser.
  • Reading of unsynchronized id3v2 tags in playlist and browser is supported now.
  • Fixed possible lockup when trying to load unsupported files.


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