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DiscoDSP Discovery v1.2 released


DiscoDSP have updated Discovery to v1.2:
  • Full code revision.
  • Memory usage optimised.
  • MMX / SSE / SSE2 optimised.
  • Added 128 new default presets.
  • Added slight lowpass filtering for LFO1 output code (resulting in warmer modulation on lfo s+h and sawtooth waveforms).
  • Added delay level as layer parameter.
  • Added polyphony limiter + voice stealing code.
  • Added denormal safety for LFO 1 lowpass filter.
  • Added highlighted button for active layer.
  • Added knob fine tuning (using Shift key and mouse).
  • Added knob dual mode edition (using Ctrl key and mouse).
  • Added Multi selection on import dialog.
  • Improved filter code.
  • Improved oscillator quality.
  • Improved oscillators FM code.
  • Ramped changes for FM amount.
  • Ramped changed for Filter cutoff implemented.
  • LFO1 (and LFO2 in arp mode) not longer work when amount is 0.
  • LFO's rate and ENV's times adapted to work at any host sample rate.
  • LFO1 pulse width modulation retuned.
  • UNI label changed to CHR (Chorus).
  • Fixed proper program name when importing a Sysex/ngf patch.
  • Fixed portamento bug (now glide time is constant between any 2 notes).
  • Fixed bug and cleaned code for legato and mono.
  • Fixed clicks made with short envelope stages.
  • Manual heavily updated (contributed by Luke Freiler, aka Sine909).
  • Minor improvements and modifications.


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