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Founded in 2002 by George Reales, discoDSP goal is delivering high quality virtual instruments, effects and sounds.

discoDSP offers a wide range of products for macOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone and iPad: Bliss sampler, VA / FM / Additive synthesizers and several effects. It's worth mentioning Discovery has been the first commercial Linux virtual instrument in the market.

There were remarkable coders on our team: John Argüelles (aka Arguru) from Image Line, Oskari Tammelin from Jeskola Buzz, Lucio Asnaghi from Renoise and special collaborators like George Yohng from TruePianos and VSL.

Products by discoDSP

Latest reviews of discoDSP products

Reviewed By UrKraft-TonStudio
May 19th, 2021

Heyhoo discoDSP, .

i buy in the past, direct from your Homepage that "ThrillMe" Plugin!
I absolutly don't understand "WHY" you don't update this Plugin "unique" - "ThrillMe VST Plugin" to x64-bit??
ThrillMe Sounding - AWESOME - in my Opinion, there ist NO OTHER Plugin out there, that came NEAR BY, .

ThrillMe...., the only one that came in this direction is "Redoptor 2 from D16-Group" !
But when i do a A/B comparison, than ThrillMe ..."Thrill's me!!!" ...that is Unbelievable good Sounding Plugin.


Please Update - "ThrillMe" - to x64-bit Plugin or "x64 vst3 "Peeeaaasssseeeee" !!.


The 32-bit Bridge sucks...ok i can do a Pre-render to get the ThrillMe Sound in my FILE, .

but it is a Mixing Process, you know that.

THRILLME is the BEST Sounding Distortion Harmonics Overtone Saturator, i ever hear on a DAW, there is NO.

other VST, that Sound in this Way...Without terible Noise! Its a CLEAN Distortion Sound, only the Sound of your.

File and ...."THE TUBE" in that Digital circuit...its Amazing how that Plugin Sounds!!!
Believe me, "ThrillME" is a Burner, for Guitars, for Drums, Bass...for all you can use ist.

Its a Overtone TUBE Warm and Ultra Aggressiv Distortion Plugin, with Compression and Limiter properties, itpick.

out the accents of your Recordings and give "Ultra Power" to them...or decent "Warm Tube Amplification" to it.


Belief be, there is no other Plugin out there, that Sound like "ThrillMe" .

This is so "Unique" and good in Sound, like a "LA-2A" or "LA-76" in its uniqueness!!! FACT!!.

I absolutly don't Understand WHY there is NO x64-bit Version out there!?

And i absolutly don't understand, why that Plugin get so little attention.

Check this Plugin out, it is worth any Penny, also in the 32-bit Version.

BUT, please dear Developers of discoDSP - Upgrade - ThrillMe....please!!.

Best Regards.

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Discovery Pro
Reviewed By SmoothMountain
February 26th, 2020

Great synth.

From the dates of other reviews, this bad boy has been around for a while... I use it a lot, for basses, comping/chords, wild synth tones, it's really versatile.

Glad I bought it.

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Discovery Pro Sound Expansion
Reviewed By mclstr
June 17th, 2018

Good variety, good value and made for a wide variety of styles.

Something for everyone.

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A severely under-rated freebie.

I'm not going to say it sounds exactly like the Oberheims it is emulating, but the spacey, metallic shimmer is there. It's rare for a basic subtractive synth to be able to set itself apart and sound different from others while still being useful.

My go-to for retrofuturistic spacey pads, it has a classic sci-fi sound. It doesn't require much post-processing - just a touch of the clearest reverb you have and scoop out a bit of low-mids and you're there.

The only drawback that it has is the unison-detune being limited to monophony, which is a shame because the unison sounds remarkable in pads.

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Vertigo X-Wave Sound Bank
Reviewed By mclstr
April 9th, 2018

This is the best example that I know of what can be done with DiscdoDSP Vertigo.

I am really slow at being able to create good presets with Vertigo. I'm still very much an analog/subtractive designer and am still slow to learn additive synthesize.

I can now see the potential after using the X-Wave bank and am inspired.

These sounds blend very well with subractive instruments and creates nice contrasts.

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Vertigo X-Wave Sound Bank
Reviewed By StudioDave
March 29th, 2017

This is the Vertigo soundbank I've waited for. Major props to Mario Fest for the programming, I have a couple dozen favorites already. If you own Vertigo you need to check out this set. Best $12US I've spent in a long time.

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Reviewed By Xenos
July 19th, 2014


Corona is an underrated gem that deserves more recognition, IMHO. I've come across quite a lot of synths, and I don't normally review them unless I find something particularly striking. In Corona's favor is not only its unique oscillators, but stylistic versatility and fresh sonic character. The sound itself is quite solid and the synth has potential for wide appeal if marketed better.


It has a very modern sound, clean and bright. Thanks to the neat phase modulation options in Corona's oscillator section, I've gotten some killer dubstep basses with that deep, metallic flavor, which is then run through 2 different filters and a bunch of different distortion options. At the end of the chain is the chorus, delay and limiter. Try using the delay set to very fine vales for a more subtle stereo widening effect. Works great on those "skrillex" basses.
In my opinion, Corona just plain sounds good. The basses that can be dialed in are hard and agressive, and the leads just plain sing. It sure as hell ain't analog, but it doesn't try to be. Like ReFX's classic Vanguard did back in the day, Corona embraces the digital sound, and does so with finesse by bringing its unusual character to the table.
A lot of the info I get on this synth suggests it is marketed more to the dance/edm crowd. While it does Dance/EDM sounds well enough, provided you don't _need_ the very best unison feature, the vibe I get from actually programming some sounds on it is more in the downtempo and breaks vein - Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Moombahton, etc. The charcter of the unison, chorus effect and oscillator phasing options lends itself VERY well to those genres. IMHO, it is THESE guys that Corona could have been better marketed to.
This synth has some good sounding filters. They definitely have a fullness to them, not the weak and lifeless character you find in some synths out there. Even the effects just sound good. Corona sings its own tune in beautifully digital ways without raping your ears in the 10 - 18 kHz range. The key with programming this synth is in having a soft touch. As the oscillators are based on a form of phase modulation synthesis, Corona is capable of some extremely harsh textures that would excite the dubstep, industrial and noise ambient fans. More subtle settings yeild laid back, singing leads, digital pianos, chill basses, and even those popular Trap stabs with a little trick using the arpegiator to get those abrupt stops.


The star of the show is the "combine" menu within the oscillator section. It encourages you to experiment and find interesting tonal colors/interactions. It is a unique trick with tangible results, which Corona brings to the table in this competative market. There is a decent mod matrix with 8 sections which covers most of your standard programming needs. You have separate LFOs and envelopes for each filter, an amp envelope, mod envelope, mod LFO, and a dedicated vibrato section. The strength of Cornoa is not in having a huge feature set, but just sounding good in a fresh, current way. There are enough sound creation options that you won't feel your creativity is being painted into a corner. Where there is a lack, there is something to make up for it. The LFOs offer some non-standard shapes in addition to the standard ones. There is a wide variety of filter drive and distortion types, as well as filter types. Lastly, you have sample import. I personally don't use that function, though I might check into it more later. You can apply the same "combine" function on your imported samples, making them interact in unusual ways.


Corona is highly stylistically versatile. It does Trance, Hip Hop and Dubstep sounds all equally well. Browsing the factory patches definitely gives a different impression, though. They are mostly dance/edm oriented, with a smattering of stuff for other genres scattered about. The quality is variable as well. You have dance stuff from Cyforce, which is consistantly good, some good stuff from a few others, followed by the bulk of the patches, of which many were cool ideas, but didn't feel "polished". Self promotion alert - I have a set available for Corona, covering "non-EDM" genres: http://xenossoundworks.com/corona.html.

Value For Money

$169 for the synth. It's up to the person demoing it to be the judge. I'd say it's worth it to those that want to stand out from the crowd while still being able to make many of the same types of sounds those synths are known for. IMHO, it holds its own against the big giants Sylenth and Massive, while offering something under the hood that neither of them have.


- It's easy to cross the line from musical to chaotic and harsh with heavier parameter settings. Keep a LPF on Filter 2, adjust accordingly, and you're covered.

- Many people judge a synth by the factory patches, and Corona's included sounds are a mixed bag. A more solid factory set, IMHO, would have sold this synth better.

- Ugly GUI. I use the white one, which strains the eyes, but the "dark" GUI is even worse. The sections look a bit choppy. Perhaps a redesign that visually merges these blocky sections with the background would do the trick. From a marketing perspective, the developer might look into upgrading the GUI, as, unfortunately, looks matter in selling a product. He has a real winner on his hands, but I don't feel it was marketed well enough in several key areas for many people to see that.

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Obxd sounds great, there are a ton of good patches and banks on KRV and the GUI is large enough to see and use. It's a very usable synth. I love the S&H. Thanks to the developer and all those that contributed patches.

I'm running Windows-7, 64-bit with REAPER 64-bit. I'll try it on the Mac soon.

joel in Dallas.

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