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Founded in 2002 by George Reales, discoDSP goal is delivering high quality virtual instruments, effects and sounds.

discoDSP offers a wide range of products for macOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone and iPad: Bliss sampler, VA / FM / Additive synthesizers and several effects. It's worth mentioning Discovery has been the first commercial Linux virtual instrument in the market.

There were remarkable coders on our team: John Arg├╝elles (aka Arguru) from Image Line, Oskari Tammelin from Jeskola Buzz, Lucio Asnaghi from Renoise and special collaborators like George Yohng from TruePianos and VSL.

Products by discoDSP

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Latest reviews of discoDSP products

Reviewed By Manbombchoi
January 31st, 2023

Scope is a very cool visualizer. Extremely snappy response time with very little load on the GPU. In Reason 10, Scope does not appear to want a stereo signal, only mono.

Having a little bit of customization ability with the appearance and behavior of the oscilloscope is hardly necessary but would be fun.

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Reviewed By Shaunducky
January 2nd, 2023

Great synth! it sounds very dated to alot of modern synths, but if your looking to make classic trance tracks from around 97-99 this is perfect and why i bought it.

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Discovery Pro
Reviewed By bartykill
September 7th, 2022

Great original sound! I was thinking about buying this synth for years, finally did and no regrets at all! Amount of presets is really satisfying too.

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Reviewed By Indanautilus
May 5th, 2022

Corona by discoDSP is the encounter of (clean) Digital Operator Oscillators and (dirty) 'Analog' Filters with Distortion. This hybrid-concept became popular in the 80s with hardware synthesizers like the Korg DW-8000. Corona trumps (technically) their digital flexibility with exotic LFO shapes, [like X*(X*2-1)] adjustable envelope shapes and their dirtiness via different distortion types on two stages of the signal path plus a hard hitting limiter at the end.

Oscillator Section:

  • very inspirational: I have filled a whole bank of presets using almost exclusively the oscillator section.
  • with the right combination of oscillators a new patch can quickly sound like a huge pad with a lot of movement and depth while being still a mono voice that abruptly stops when releasing the key.
  • using operators like XOR can give instant results of crystalline keys/plucks with unique character.
  • often the sweet spot of a 'round' sound is pretty small and requires experimentation and fine-tuning.
  • essential parameters can be modulated so it's possible to turn that bass into the traction engine it was before and back with the mod wheel for example.
  • ships with a ton of 'vintage' wave forms and acoustic samples and has the ability to load own WAVs.

Dual serial filters:

  • LP/HP/BP with different slopes.
  • a 'lo-fi band-smash'-filter.
  • a '303 modeled' low pass.
  • Phaser with variable stages and feedback.
  • can be set to PRE or POST VCA.
  • 10 different types of filter drive.
  • a button for engaging 'zero delay feedback' mode.
  • I can confirm the developers description that the filter sounds 'liquid'.
  • You can crank the resonance and keytracking up to get a playable sine-wave.

A comb filter would be a very useful addition!

Assignable modulation sources besides the 3 LFOs and Envelopes:

  • 2 extra lines of the arpeggiator.
  • bipolar and unipolar Random generator.
  • oscillator 3 can be used as independent modulation source.
  • the combined oscillators can be used as modulation source.

  • both can modulate as they are or as ABS operator.

Otherworldly effects or unstable tones are easy to archive.

Personal summery:
The sound of Corona is different... but on purpose! I can recall a patch in my memory right now. Never heared such a monkey-thing before. The overall sound sometimes reminds me of early ROMplers but with high resolution. It shines on stabs, vocal-like arpeggios, bass layers and strange FM-things.

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Reviewed By UrKraft-TonStudio
May 19th, 2021

Heyhoo discoDSP, .

i buy in the past, direct from your Homepage that "ThrillMe" Plugin!
I absolutly don't understand "WHY" you don't update this Plugin "unique" - "ThrillMe VST Plugin" to x64-bit??
ThrillMe Sounding - AWESOME - in my Opinion, there ist NO OTHER Plugin out there, that came NEAR BY, .

ThrillMe...., the only one that came in this direction is "Redoptor 2 from D16-Group" !
But when i do a A/B comparison, than ThrillMe ..."Thrill's me!!!" ...that is Unbelievable good Sounding Plugin.


Please Update - "ThrillMe" - to x64-bit Plugin or "x64 vst3 "Peeeaaasssseeeee" !!.


The 32-bit Bridge sucks...ok i can do a Pre-render to get the ThrillMe Sound in my FILE, .

but it is a Mixing Process, you know that.

THRILLME is the BEST Sounding Distortion Harmonics Overtone Saturator, i ever hear on a DAW, there is NO.

other VST, that Sound in this Way...Without terible Noise! Its a CLEAN Distortion Sound, only the Sound of your.

File and ...."THE TUBE" in that Digital circuit...its Amazing how that Plugin Sounds!!!
Believe me, "ThrillME" is a Burner, for Guitars, for Drums, Bass...for all you can use ist.

Its a Overtone TUBE Warm and Ultra Aggressiv Distortion Plugin, with Compression and Limiter properties, itpick.

out the accents of your Recordings and give "Ultra Power" to them...or decent "Warm Tube Amplification" to it.


Belief be, there is no other Plugin out there, that Sound like "ThrillMe" .

This is so "Unique" and good in Sound, like a "LA-2A" or "LA-76" in its uniqueness!!! FACT!!.

I absolutly don't Understand WHY there is NO x64-bit Version out there!?

And i absolutly don't understand, why that Plugin get so little attention.

Check this Plugin out, it is worth any Penny, also in the 32-bit Version.

BUT, please dear Developers of discoDSP - Upgrade - ThrillMe....please!!.

Best Regards.

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Discovery Pro
Reviewed By SmoothMountain
February 26th, 2020

Great synth.

From the dates of other reviews, this bad boy has been around for a while... I use it a lot, for basses, comping/chords, wild synth tones, it's really versatile.

Glad I bought it.

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Discovery Pro Sound Expansion
Reviewed By mclstr
June 17th, 2018

Good variety, good value and made for a wide variety of styles.

Something for everyone.

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A severely under-rated freebie.

I'm not going to say it sounds exactly like the Oberheims it is emulating, but the spacey, metallic shimmer is there. It's rare for a basic subtractive synth to be able to set itself apart and sound different from others while still being useful.

My go-to for retrofuturistic spacey pads, it has a classic sci-fi sound. It doesn't require much post-processing - just a touch of the clearest reverb you have and scoop out a bit of low-mids and you're there.

The only drawback that it has is the unison-detune being limited to monophony, which is a shame because the unison sounds remarkable in pads.

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