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DNR Collaborative announces MixControl Pro with Pre-Order Discount Offer

DNR Collaborative

DNR Collaborative Designs has announces the upcoming release of MixControl Pro, successor to their flagship mixing plug-in package. MixControl Pro is a professional channelstrip that offers flexible module processing, pristine audio quality and a combination of useful new features.

MixControl Pro builds on the solid foundation known in the original MixControl by adding many useful aesthetic and functional enhancements such as extremely high-quality oversampling, 2 new professional UI layouts, 3 unique analog-style saturation modes, and a much more responsive FFT analyzer. Gate mixing, sub-preset loading modules and quick mouse controls round out the new workflow enhancements to enable you to work faster and smarter to get the perfect mix for your project.

MixControl Pro has 2 separate professionally designed interface layouts, created by Anders Hedstrom to allow users of different screen sizes and workflows to benefit from.

MixControl Pro adds various new features and enhancements as listed below, and also addresses previous bugs and program response through user submitted error reports.

Additional Features:

  • Solo for individual EQ bands.
  • 3 Unique new saturation modes.
  • Gate wet/dry mixing function.
  • Full V1 backwards compatibility.
  • Enhanced metering accuracy.
  • Adjustable FFT (fast/normal/slow).
  • Ultra-HQ oversampling mode.
  • 2 UI Versions (Extended+Refined).
  • Fully anti-aliased EQ graph.
  • Mouse wheel EQ node control.
  • Right-click Filter selection.

Pricing: MixControl Pro will be tentatively released on August 1st and priced at $129. All formats support license keyfile protection, no obtrusive dongle or C/R protection.

Pre-order Availability

For anyone who did not get in on the previous discount, the company has designated the final weeks of the beta phase of development to allow users to pre-order the software. The pre-order will give access to the original version of MixControl and immediate access to MixControl Pro upon release, as well as all point updates.

The list below indicates the times of each phase and the discounted price:

  • July 4th through July 11th - $59.00.
  • July 12th through July 18th - $79.00.
  • July 19th through August 1st - $99.00.


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