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DSP Robotics updates FlowStone to v3.0.8

DSP Robotics

DSP Robotics has updated FlowStone, the "graphical programming language" for Windows, to Version 3.0.8 "Skylark".

The focus of this release is coding. They've given the Assembler component a bit of a spring clean and fixed some of the anomalies that were ruining the syntax highlighting when using certain opcodes. They've also thrown in a bunch of new opcodes which they hope will open up many new possibilities for all you DSP coders out there. The User Guide now contains a section on the Assembler component as well as a list of supported opcodes.

On the Ruby programming side there is a new feature called Code Snippets. This allows you to organise all those handy bits of code you use often into one place so you can access them easily whenever you need them. They've included some commonly used code snippets as standard which will hopefully mean that this feature is useful for learning Ruby too. Check out the section on Code Snippets in the updated User Guide for more on this.

DSP Robotics have been working on trying to improve the Ruby timeout. This is the failsafe that kicks in if any Ruby code starts to take too long to complete or enters an infinite loop. Unfortunately the existing system often ended up creating a waterfall effect, whereby one component times out while waiting for another, the end result being that all Ruby components end up being shut down.

In Skylark they've found a way to implement the timeout so that this waterfall effect never happens. Also, as well as the global timeout (in the Settings) you now have control of the timeout for each individual Ruby component should you want to change this. Use the timeout method to see what this is currently set to (in millisecs) and setTimeout to change it. Timeouts are not saved so make sure that put your setTimeout call inside your init method.


  • New opcodes for the Assembler component.
  • New Code Snippets for Ruby Component.
  • New per Ruby component timeout and enhanced timeout handling.
  • New LED Strip Claw component allows you to connect to 5V addressable 60 LED strips from your FlowPaw.
  • Improved the Mem Create component so that it now sends out a trigger after loading.


  • Fixed an issue where the software could crash when switching Direct Sound on and off.
  • Fixed a problem with clicking when stopping all notes for a VST plugin in a host.
  • Fixed a the connector description labels which were drawing at too large a size.
  • Fixed a problem with the Mem Address component so it now gives a zero value for address and size if there is no valid Mem connected.
  • Fixed a number of issues with syntax highlighting failing on various Assembler opcodes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mem Create component so it now zeroes all values initially.

List Of New Opcodes:

  • psrld xmm, xmm / xmm, var.
  • pmuludq xmm, xmm / xmm, var.
  • paddd xmm, xmm.
  • sub reg, reg / reg, var.
  • psubd xmm, xmm / xmm, var.
  • jmp label / int.
  • mulpd xmm, xmm / xmm, var.
  • xorps xmm, xmm / xmm, var.
  • andnps xmm, xmm.
  • movd xmm, reg / xmm, var / var, xmm.
  • movss xmm, var / var, xmm / xmm, xmm.
  • cvttps2dq xmm, xmm / xmm, var.

You can also now use ebx, ecx and edx in the following opcodes:

  • add reg, reg.
  • add reg, var.
  • sub reg, reg.


Discussion: Active
30 April 2015 at 11:21am

Does it now let you create 64-bit VST Plugins ?

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