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e-LAB releases Perfection demo & Foundation (Full)

Equipped Music

e-LAB has released the demo version of Perfection, ahead of its expected release in April/May 2005, plus the full version of Foundation is now shipping. Both are available for VSTi & RTAS on Windows XP and VSTi, AudioUnits & RTAS on MacOS X.

Perfection provides you with 3 GB of "Lush and Vibey House Grooves", mixed with "Smooth and Jazzy Samples, Chords, Fx and more". It gives you total tempo independence, realtime playback control, and creative freedom with separated drum loop parts (Kick, Snare & Hi hat, etc. all on separate tracks).


  • 3 GB of Lush and Vibey House Grooves, mixed with Smooth and Jazzy Samples, Chords, Fx and more. All sounds specifically recorded and produced for Perfection.
  • 3000 drum loops, 5000 drum samples with the possibility to import external Rex2 files.
  • 8 tracks of simultaneous drum loop playback with an interactive groove system enabling millions of loop combinations. You get kick, snare, hi hat, etc. on individual tracks, routed through 8 addressable synthesizers/stereo outputs.
  • To retain state of the art sound quality and realtime tempo stretching of all drum loop parts into any BPM, the i.v.i. engine uses Propellerheads' 24 bit Rex2 format.
  • Three easy-to-use playback modes for truly interactive loop playback. Preview mode (PRE) with immediate tempo-sync to sequencer; Miditrig mode (TRIG) for intuitive loop triggering with a keyboard and Midifile playback (MIDI) for total groove control of the loop parts.
  • In Multi Edit mode you can select and edit any of the 8 tracks - all at the same time. This mean that in a fast and convenient way you can apply different parameters that will affect all your selected tracks.
  • Reverse Mode enables the i.v.i. engine to play a loop in reverse, but not in the traditional sense where it would be played back in reversed sequence, playing the end of the loop first. Instead, the i.v.i. engine plays back the elements of a loop in the right sequence and reverses each individual element in the loop instead.
  • MIDI CC Learn - For fast and effective work with hardware controllers. The MIDI learn feature enables you to assign your hardware controllers to control parameters in Foundation. Just right click on an Foundation parameter and choose "Learn Midi CC" then select which knob/slider on your hardware controller you want to address to the Foundation parameter.
  • Flexible stepbutton loading, makes changing loops & sounds a breeze. Smart sound file selector with an open architecture - import files and access other i.v.i. sound libraries.
  • Flexible editing functions for each individual drum loop track: Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo and Tuning - with addressable stereo outputs.
  • Extensive loop editing control with 8 separate synthesizer engines: Multimode Resonant Filters (HP, BP, LP); ADSR on both Amp. and Modulation Env; open architecture Modulation Matrix (LFO, Env, Velocity, Mod. Wheel, Filter, Pitch, Pan, Resonance, etc).
  • Total recall with host on all parameters. Host automation on 144 parameters. Low CPU Usage.
  • Thousands of drum loops and drum samples with the possibility to import external Rex2 files.


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