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Emagic announce Logic 6


Emagic is proud to announce version 6 of the Logic Series. This update provides a new level of processor efficiency and extensive enhancements to the Arrange window that offers more editing and mixing power than ever before.

In addition, Logic 6 debuts two new setup and file management solutions — the Setup Assistant and the Project Manager. Users will also benefit from an improved feature set for film scoring, a newly-developed superior sounding EQ and MP3 import/export functionality. Further optimisation of the automation system round out this excellent update.

Logic 6 will be available for Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X. International delivery will start in the middle of February 2003. For detailed information about prices and availability please contact your national distributor.

  • Intelligent CPU Resource Management.
    - Freeze.
    - Off-Line Bounce.
  • Grouping.
    - Grouping of Mixer objects.
  • Mixing in the Arrange window.
    - Arrange Channel Strip.
  • Smooth Video Synchronization.
    - Video Thumbnail track in the Arrange.
    - DV Movie playback via FireWire.
  • Intelligent Project Manager.
    - Project Manager.
    - Save as Project.
    - Logic Setup Assistant (Mac OS X only).
    - MP3 Import/Bounce/Convert (Mac OS X only).
  • Several Enhancements in the Arrange window.
    - Marquee Tool.
    - Hide Tracks.
    - Time Stretching in Arrange.
    - New Arrange Icons.
    - Sample-Accurate Display in Arrange window.
  • New Channel EQ plug-in.
    - Channel EQ plug-in.
  • Expanded Control Surface Support.
    - Control Surface Support.
    - Quick Automation Parameter Access.


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