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energyXT v1.2.8 released

XT Software

Jorgen Aase has released v1.2.8 of energyXT.

New features and enhancements:
  • New sampler component!
  • Drag and drop sample presets (.xts), SF2 presets and instruments into sequencer.
  • New Main browser (F3), use it to drag and drop VSTs, wav samples and XT sampler presets (.xts) and SF2 presets, instruments and samples into the current project.
  • Ctrl+space on MIDI track in sequencer will open the VST the track is routed to.
  • eXT VST version can now have multiple audio inputs and outputs (if supported by host).
  • Mute MIDI/Audio/Envelope parts in sequencer (ctrl + m).
  • Improved VST sync in main window and sequencer comp.
  • Better looking MIDI and audio cables in main window.
  • Added Pitch Bend support to controller view in MIDI Editor.
  • Added on/off button for Snap in sequencer, MIDI editor and Audio editor.
  • Press 'x' to toggle snap on/off.
  • New Marker tracks in sequencer with optional autozoom, autogroup and autoloop select.
  • Position and size of editor window in sequencer are now saved and restored.
  • Insert fx are now pre fader and send fx are now optional pre/post fader in sequencer.
  • Sequencer audio out can now be automated by MIDI CC.
  • Tempo selector in sequencer with internal or external clock.
  • Metronome in sequencer with count-in (wav required).
  • Song position in bars/beats/ticks and hours/mins/secs in sequencer. Right-click to select format.
  • Changed background drawing in the piano roll to highlight flats instead of every other beat.
  • Higher zoom out level.
  • Dragging envelope curve points now works more logical.
  • Press 'r' to toggle record enable on/off in seq.
  • Press 'b' to toggle metronome on/off in seq.
  • Middle click volume and VST param faders in GUI to activate MIDI Learn.
  • 'Move up' now work with insert fx on audio tracks in sequencer.
  • New tracks in sequencer are now by default named after track mode: 'MIDI', 'audio', 'folder' and 'envelope'.
  • There are now 4 gate modes in the Groove editor. 'Note length', 'Q', 'Q - no overlap' and 'Q - Legato'.
  • Slicing clips in Audio part editor now snaps to grid and not clip start position.
  • Custom groove support in sequencer with time offset, velocity and note length.
  • Envelope track can be routed to Groove strength for sample accurate automation.
  • Middle-click groove strength selector in gui for MIDI learn.
  • Double-click MIDI fx, insert fx, send fx and groove to open editors in sequencer mixer.
  • 'Create folder' on right-click in open/save/folder window.
  • Trigger MIDI parts with CC.
  • Click middle mouse button on trigger key/cc control to activate MIDI learn in MIDI part performer.
  • Added 'play group' support in MIDI Part performer (used to be called transporter).
  • Added 'mute group' support in MIDI Part performer.
  • Change order of parts in MIDI Part performer.
  • Delete doubles.
  • Save prompt may be disabled in energyXT.ini, add the section [options] with the line saveptrompt=0.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a problem with buffer size detection in ASIO dll.
  • Fixed an issue with changing ASIO device.
  • Fixed issue with VST version clipping audio output.
  • Fixed problem with skins not looking right until eXT was reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue with nesting multiple eXTs within eXT.
  • Fixed an overdubbing issue with MIDI loop recording in sequencer.
  • Fixed crash with 'Move To' menu, when no track selected.
  • Pan now works on frozen VST outputs.
  • Fixed problem with disk streaming and pitching wav down 2-3 octaves.
  • Fixed problem with freeze and rename VST in sequencer.
  • Fixed issue with Insert point in envelope when in Run mode, would stop playback.
  • Fixed issue with restoring VST program on some plug-ins.
  • Fixed a crash problem when loading eXT patches via 'File->Load bank' in Cubase.
  • Saving chords without root note, now reloads properly.
  • Fixed problem with ghosting MIDI parts on multiple tracks in sequencer.
  • Fixed an issue with save on exit, when you click Cancel in file dialog, or try to save with a bad filename, eXT will not exit.


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