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ENTTEC releases DMXIS v1.0.3 beta


ENTTEC has released a new beta version of its lighting control plug-in, DMXIS (v1.0.3 beta). This beta version has passed ENTTEC's in-house testing, but has not yet been stress-tested across a large number of installations. Use with appropriate caution, and remember you can easily re-install 1.0.2 if you experience any problems. If you do find any issues, please let them know.

Bug fixes:

  • Increased reliability of transmitted DMX data when used with certain low cost fixtures.
  • MIDI assignments cleared with the "Forget" were not being stored on exit.


  • Added "Bank Tempo" control to the Preset Manager page (See manual page 26).
  • MIDI Learn now supports 7 & 14 bit NRPN messages (See manual page 23).
  • DMXIS now displays all 16 MIDI input channels in Ableton Live. (In the previous release, only MIDI Ch 1 was available). You can switch DMXIS banks/presets by routing Ableton clips containing Notes to Ch 15/16 (as described on page 24).
  • When the VST/Audio Unit plug-in is loaded or deleted, it does not clear the DMX channel values. The most recent DMX values will be held by the DMXIS hardware until a new preset is explicitly loaded into DMXIS. This allows you to change between songs in your audio host without plunging the audience into darkness.
  • On the Footswitch Settings window, the "Click & hold time" range can now be set to 0mS. Useful if you are using a footswitch for the "Last Preset (while held)" feature, and want immediate response to the switch being pressed.
  • Fixtures pop-up menu now uses subcategories within each manufacturer if necessary (i.e. if there are too many fixtures to fit on the screen).


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