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FabFilter releases FabFilter Timeless 3


FabFilter has announced the immediate availability of FabFilter Timeless 3, the latest version of its award-winning tape delay plugin.

Timeless 3 introduces a streamlined new interface, five feedback circuit effects, more filters, up to 16 delay taps, improved filter and saturation algorithms, a revised preset library, and more.

FabFilter says:

With its dual-delay architecture and limitless modulation system, it's the go-to plugin for both bread-and-butter echoes and spectacular creative effects.

Improved sound

Taking Timeless to new sonic heights – with particular attention paid to the temporal response of the feedback circuit, FabFilter has upgraded and optimized its analog-modeling algorithms from top to bottom. The results are its warmest filters and smoothest saturation yet, delivering epic echo-based effects of clarity, presence, and character.

New interface and streamlined workflow

Timeless 3 enables users to design even the most intricate delay effects faster and more efficiently than ever. The completely redesigned interface greatly simplifies operation without compromising the feature set in any way, and is presented with a new, darker color scheme that's easier on the eye over long sessions. The all-new delay display provides intuitive visualization and tweaking of delay time, feedback and mix settings, while the interactive filter display makes shaping the frequency response a snap, and the full screen mode expands the GUI for maximum focus. Modulation sources and targets now visualize modulation signals with animated collars and tracks, and the new source flow area provides an engaging overview of all active modulations.

Five feedback path effects

Color the sound of the delays with Timeless 3's five new 'one-knob' feedback effect modules. Add analog-style saturation and digital distortion with Drive and Lo-Fi; soften, smear and 'reverb-ify' the signal with the Diffuse knob; dial in instant compression or gating with Dynamics; and shift the feedback up to an octave up or down with the Pitch processor. Needless to say, all five are available as modulation targets, too, so it's easy to get them moving with Timeless 3's XLFOs, Envelope Followers, XY Controllers, MIDI CCs and more.

Shape your delay with up to six filters

Tripling the number available in version 2, Timeless 3 provides six multimode filters with which to sculpt your delays. Each filter is instantiated and adjusted directly in the interactive filter display, and offers a choice of high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, bell, shelf and notch modes. Apply all six in series or parallel, or with three filters on each L/R channel for cross feedback-enhanced stereo effects. Whether dialed in for precision equalization or modulated for acrobatic feedback manipulation, Timeless 3's filters put no limits on your frequency shaping.

New and improved presets

The factory preset library has been rebuilt from the ground up to maximize its usability, incorporating Timeless 3's new feedback effects and filters, and reorganized to make it easier to find the effect needed for any situation. From focused instrument-specific treatments, dubbed-out echo-scapes and spacious reverbs to a vast range of complex modulation-based special FX, the Timeless 3 preset library is bursting with inspirational setups for use in their own right, or as jumping-off points for creating original patches.

Price: $129 at www.fabfilter.com/shop. Log in to your FabFilter account to upgrade to Timeless 3 with a discount of 50% or more, depending on how many FabFilter plug-ins you already own.

To make self-quarantine just a little bit easier during the COVID-19 pandemic, FabFilter offers free 30-day evaluation extensions for all their plug-ins, including Timeless 3.




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