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farbrausch releases V2 v1.5


farbrausch has released a new and improved version 1.5 of its V2 synthesizer system with many additional features and a better sound. It provides more integration into your own programs and it's even faster (a full list of changes isn't available...).

It is available in two packages:

  • The content creation tools (for musicians and .werkkzeug users): this package contains the V2 synthesizer in VSTi (Windows) and Buzz machine form as well as a WinAMP plugin that allows you to listen to your V2 songs in a comfortable manner.
  • The libv2 (for programmers): the V2 synthesizer and player as static library for easy including into your own programs. Contains an example project which not only shows how to use libv2 but also is a great lesson in getting your Win32 executables small.

Changes include:

  • Available as single voice VSTi.
  • A vaguely moog-ish filter type has been implemented.
  • A DC offset bug in the distortion unit has been fixed.
  • Per voice hard-reset, the presets and songs really sound the same each time you play them.
  • Global parameters can be modulated now.
  • New modulation-source: note.
  • Adjust the colors/appearance to your liking.
  • Multi-timbral version only: two aux busses have been added.


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