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Steinberg updates VST3 SDK to v3.0.1


Steinberg has released an update to its VST3 SDK. The updated version is VST3.0.1 and is now available for download. The new version makes several additions to the initial release version of the VST3 SDK, as well as updated documentation.


  • Add new interface Steinberg::Vst::IMidiMapping (allowing to support MIDI Controllers and Pitchbend).
  • Add new restart flag: kMidiCCAssignmentChanged.
  • Move RestartFlags from vstTypes.h to ivsteditcontroller.h.
  • Add some new FAQs.
  • Add Visual Studio 2008 solution.
  • Restructured helper classes by adding new files vstbus.cpp and vstparameters.cpp.
  • Add new helper class EditControllerEx1 (extend of EditController with Unit support).
  • Add new helper class for single component effects (Steinberg::Vst::SingleComponentEffect).
  • AGain example has been extended (supports IMidiMapping, Side-chain and Unit).
  • Change the default refcount implementation of Steinberg::FUnknown (IMPLEMENT_REFCOUNT) to use atomic operations.
  • Change InitModule/ExitModule to be called from host and not in DllMain (Cubase 4.2 needed).
  • Rework Documentation.
  • Rename Steinberg::Vst::IUnitData to Steinberg::Vst::IProgramListData and introduce new interface Steinberg::Vst::IUnitData.


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