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Farm Samples releases debut percussion library for Kontakt

Farm Samples

Farm Samples has announced the release of a suite of orchestral percussion libraries. Recorded at the famed Village Studios in Los Angeles the libraries run the gamut from single field snares to a battery of concert bass drums.

Farm samples is a new sample library company started by composer Nima Fakhrara (Lou, Detroit Become Human) and Producer Scott Hedrick as an outlet for their bespoke sounds. These percussion packs are the first of many planned releases by Farm Samples.

Here's what they say:

A massive battery of percussion at your disposal. All the instruments in this bundle are from the personal collection of percussionist Joe Martone. Each was lovingly sampled in super high 96k quality at the Village Studios in Los Angeles. From a subtle ping of a solo piccolo snare to the thunder of a hundred concert bass drums, the scale and scope of this library is vast. And it's all at your fingertips.

We created these libraries out of the need for detailed control over our drum sounds. Not only control of each individual drum sound but also the ability to control the number of players. Every single drum is available in solo, trio, and ensemble modes putting limitless combinations of sounds and players at your fingertips. Each library was meticulously programmed by us, the composers, internally. This means the interface may not be fancy, but it's efficient. You'll get incredible performances and you'll get them quickly. You can move at the speed of your ideas.

What's Included:

  • Bass Drum Sizes: 28x12, 28x16 and 32x16.
  • Djun Djuns: small, medium and large in muffled and unmuffled.
  • Field Drums: Ludwig 12x15, 12x17, 14x17, 5x14, WFL 10x14, Yamaha 6.5x13, Slingerland 6x14.
  • Snare Drums: Pearl 5x14, 4x14, Cleveland 5x14, Ludwig 6.5x15 and 5x14.
  • Piccolo Snare: Pearl 5x15 and 4x14.
  • Concert Toms: 13, 14, and 16-inch toms in muffled and unmuffled variations.
  • Surdo: medium and large wooden Surdo drums in muffled and unmuffled variations. Medium and large metal Surdo drums in muffled and unmuffled variations.

Other Features:

  • Size Knob scales each individual drum from "solo" to "trio" and "ensemble" modes.
  • Low and High Pass filters.
  • Built-in Reverb.
  • Composer Nima Fakhrara and Producer Matt Dyson custom mix patches.
  • Product Updates for life.

Each of the 3 individual percussion packs is available for $85 or you can purchase a bundle of the entire percussion library at a 20% discount for $200.




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