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FeelYourSound releases HouseEngine 2.0 - MIDI Generator Plug-in


FeelYourSound has released version 2.0.0 of its MIDI generator plug-in HouseEngine (VST + AU).

HouseEngine is a specialized songwriting tool. It turns any chord progression into expressive piano rhythms, deep basslines, and catchy melodies.
If you don't have your own chord progression yet, HouseEngine can generate one for you. Different progression algorithms make it easy to start a new song from scratch.

The plug-in is suitable for all House styles, but it is a good fit for other genres as well.

HouseEngine comes with a selection of presets for featuring piano sections, basslines as well as generatively modified phrases and melodies.

New in HouseEngine 2.0.0:

  • New: Package Browser. HouseEngine 2 ships with 13 different packages now (e.g. "Sparkling Arpeggios", "Rhythmic Chords", "Bassline Flavours", ...). Use the package browser to explore the different packages and switch between them.
  • New: Favorite markers. Each preset has a star-shaped "Favorite" marker now. It is located to the left of the MIDI drag-and-drop field. Use the "Show favorite" tag in the preset browser to display your favorites only.
  • New: Preset type display. Hover with the mouse over the icon below the "Favorite star" of a preset to see the preset type. "Fixed playing style" reproduces a certain playing style, "Generative" can sound completely different for different chord progressions.
  • New: Generate a chord progression for a specific scale. Click on "Generate chord progression" in the start view, then pick a scale and a generator algorithm.
  • New: 73 new presets for different styles (14 "rhythmic bass", 12 "rhythmic chords", 14 "rhythmic thin chords", 11 "simple stab bass rhythm", 11 "simple stab note rhythm", 11 "simple stab scale note rhythm").
  • New: News checker. HouseEngine will inform you about updates now. You can turn this off in the settings (cog wheel icon on the Presets Page).
  • Removed: Pentatonic scales have been removed from the chord progression scale choice menu (only for new songs). Reason: Too many generator presets require a "full" scale.
  • Bugfix: Now ALL chord progression generators will work for Major as well.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the currently playing chord wasn't displayed properly in Edit Chords View.
  • UX: New colours for active chords. This makes the Chords View easier to use for colour blind users.
  • UX: UI Scaling option in the settings (Presets View).
  • UX: Alternative way for preset switching: Click on a MIDI preview to change the preset.
  • UX: When you do a search or a reset, the Engine will jump to the currently active preset if possible.
  • UX: Crisper UI when working with higher DPI settings.
  • HouseEngine contains 483 generative presets for all occasions now.

HouseEngine is available as a Standard version and as a Pro version. The Pro version contains a MIDI mass-exporter and is required to sell any loops generated. Generated phrases and melodies from both can be used in your own productions. (both commercial and free releases).

Normal price: $52 / €49 (Standard version) and $416 / €392 (Pro version). Existing customers can update for free.




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