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Fiedler Audio releases Spacelab - Panning, Reverb, Spatialization - from Stereo to 3D - with Intro Sale

Fiedler Audio

Fiedler Audio has announced the immediate availability of Spacelab, a new plug-in that combines state-of-the-art reverb, 3D panning, and spatialization in one plug-in - providing access to the world of 3D audio for anyone on any DAW.

The plug-in treats incoming audio as objects, which are positioned in the space of a virtual room. That room creates reverberation of these objects. The objects plus their reverb are then rendered to any desired output format, ranging from stereo up to any 3D-audio format, be it for speakers, or for headphones via binaural rendering. Any speaker layout can be rendered to headphones enabling mixers to monitor and work anywhere. Producing for binaural reproduction provides makes it possible to distribute to everyone, even in mp3 or AAC. Spacelab is fully compatible with Dolby Atmos and MPEG-H workflows.

Spacelab Beam is the "transporter" plug-in to Spacelab. Beam makes it super easy to send your tracks into Spacelab from anywhere in your session. So even DAWs with "just" stereo architecture can be enhanced with full 3D spatial audio.

Spacelab comes in two iterations:

  • Spacelab Ignition (Intro: €149 / List: €249) is the tool for music producers and any audio content creators that want to be able to position sounds in space.
  • Spacelab Interstellar (€599) is the product of choice for up to 256 independent audio objects in space.
Feature Comparison Spacelab Interstellar Spacelab Ignition
Inputs / Outputs 256 24
Audio Objects 256 24
Snapshots yes no
Spatial EQ yes no
Individual Spread per Source yes no
Map View yes no
Listener degrees of freedom 6 (position & orientation) 3 (position)
Source view hide / focus yes no




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