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Firelight Technologies releases FMOD Ex v4.26 and FMOD Designer v4.27

Firelight Technologies

Firelight Technologies has updated FMOD Ex to v4.26 and FMOD Designer to v4.27. This new update of the FMOD Ex API and FMOD Designer brings new features and updates, including new DSP effects, more memory optimizations, a new Profiler option and performance improvements to the Geometry API.

FMOD 4.26 Programmer API Updates:

  • Added Delay and TREMOLO DSP effects.
  • Improved performance of FMOD Delay DSP, iPhone, Win32 and PSP (SNC library).
  • Made the FMOD Geometry API multithreaded and added a new geometry processing mode.
  • Optimized small streams not to read disk again after being fully buffered. Big reduction in disk access means less stuttering/smaller buffer sizes. FMOD_SOFTWARE only.
  • FSB codec memory usage reduced if using loading the same FSB multiple times.
  • Added "Compression quality, multichannel and looping with lossy audio formats" tutorials to low-level docs
  • Added profiling of geometry thread to Profiler.
  • Event API - Reduced size of FEV in memory.
  • PS3 - Added automatic muting/pausing of sounds in "music" channelgroup if PS3 System BGM music is playing.
  • Xbox 360 - Added microphone recording support.

FMOD 4.27 Designer Updates:

  • All GUID conflicts are now listed at the end of the build log.
  • Added ability to control individual envelopes in an effect with different parameters.
  • Added sound definition pitch randomization modes.
  • Implemented network tweaking for event user properties.
  • Property sheets, lists and treeviews remember their selection when changing tab or project.
  • 3D Pan Level and 3D Speaker spread effects no longer require software on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.
  • More cut and paste options available.
  • Added "Interactive music system" tutorials to the Designer user manual.


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