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FMJ-Software releases Awave Studio v11.0


FMJ-Software has announced the release of Awave Studio v11.0.

This major update of the Format converter and Instrument editor builds on FMJ-Software's 20 years of experience with sample and instrument conversion. The software can handle about 300 different audio file formats, including that of many synthesizers – hardware and virtual alike. Beyond conversion, it also includes many editing and processing functions.

New in Awave Studio v11.0 is support for Korg Kronos, M3, M50, NI Kontakt, Wusik 4000, and Opus file formats, improved waveform visualization, new and improved audio processing functions – including VST effect hosting, as well as a number of general improvements.

Changes in Awave Studio 11.0:

  • Added support for reading Native Instrument Kontakt instruments (.NKI) and multi banks (.NKM). NB; only files compatible with Kontakt versions predating v.4.2.2 are supported. Files written by later versions use a different binary format which is not supported.
  • Added support for reading and writing Korg Kronos program collection files (.PCG).
  • Added support for reading and writing Korg M3 and M50 program collection files (.PCG).
  • Added support for reading and writing Korg M50 program collection files (.PCG).
  • Added support for writing (in addition to reading) Korg Triton LE program collection file (.PCG).
  • Improved conversion of Korg Triton and Korg Trinity program bank files (.PCG).
  • Added support for reading & writing Korg Kronos samples (.KSF), keymaps (.KMP) and script files (.KSC). Note that when you read a .KSC its "uuid" (a unique number identifying the set of files) is set as the collection comment. If you write it back to a .KSC (or .PCG) then its uuid is set from the collection comment if available, otherwise a new uuid is generated.
  • Added support for reading Opus audio streams (.OPUS). NB; this requires the OpusFile add-on DLL's.
  • Added support for reading and writing Wusik 4000 files (.W4KSND).
  • Improved conversion from Kurzweil K2000-series files (.KRZ).
  • Added support for reading AdLib Visual Composer song files (.ROL + .BNK).
  • Added a "Linear Filled" option for the waveform graph on the wave edit page. This fills the area between the wave and the zero-line. This is now the default display mode.
  • Reworked the "Logarithmic" option for the waveform graph - it's now bidirectional and filled.
  • Added support for using VST plug-ins in the "Audio processing wizard" and in the in the "Batch conversion wizard".
  • The "Split waveform at silent sections" function in the "Audio processing wizard" is much improved.
  • Improved "Remove silent sections" function in the "Audio processing wizard".
  • Improved the speed of the "Auto loop finder" function in the "Audio processing wizard".
  • Added support for equalizer parameters. This is implemented for the following formats: Kurzweil K2000-series (.KRZ), Kontakt (.NKI), Korg Kronos/M3/M50 (.PCG), Yamaha EX5 (.S1V), sfz v2 (.SFZ), Yamaha Tyros-series (.TVU/.UVN), Yamaha Motif-series (.W2V/.W7V/.X0V/.X3V).
  • Added a "key to pan" parameter. Implemented for AKAI S5000 (.AKP), Kontakt (.NKI), SoundFont v2.1 (.SF2), AKAI S1000 (.P), Pinnacle (.PBK), Korg Kronos/M3/M50/Triton/Trinity (.PCG), Yamaha EX5 (.S1V), Yamaha Motif XS and XF (.X0V/.X3V).
  • Added a "Find volume" function to the "Audio processing wizard". This lets you estimate the loudness of waveforms and append a dB value to the wave name and/or adjust the volume to make them equally loud.
  • The MIDI Player now supports track channel groups for playback of more than 16 channels.
  • There are now two options for saving .SFZ files - with "samples in same folder" or "samples in sub-folder".
  • There are now 8 "alternate groups" in the region trigger type selection. Regions in the same group alternate between each other independent of other regions.
  • In Options>Preferences>Synth to Wave, it's now possible to set a minimum waveform length in addition to maximum length.
  • When using the "Auto property sheet" option, it's now better at remembering the property window position.
  • If there's a path to an audio file on the Windows clipboard, you can now open it in the program using Ctrl-V or Edit>Paste.

Price: $99. Read more and get the 30 day free trial version here.



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