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Galleoneer Multimodefilter Mk1 and Phrasemaster Mk1


Galleoneer has released Multimodefilter Mk1 and announced Phrasemaster Mk1.

Multimodefilter Mk1 is a free, resonant filter VST plug-in for Windows with LP12 / LP24 / HP12 / HP24 / BP / NOTCH Filtering and a "Vintage" GUI.

Phrasemaster Mk1 is a "generic advanced phrase sequencer" that functions as a VSTi and can also host them. It will initially be released for Windows but a Mac version may also be on the cards. Release date and pricing has yet to be announced.

Key features:

  • Useful for live performing and composing/arranging work.
  • Can host VST instruments. They are used to output the phrasing - use you favored VST instruments to play your phrases.
  • Phrase playback does not add latency.
  • No limit to phrase sequences in resolution and length - phrases can be very long and can contain every possible note data and quantization.
  • Can hold a huge amount of phrases simultaneously.
  • Phrases can be mapped to keys on the master keyboard to switch them while playing - trigger and transpose phrases with one hand while changing them with the other.
  • Phrases can be imported/exported from MIDI data - an endless arsenal of phrases ready to explore.
  • Phrases can be recorded from MIDI input or host sequencer.


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