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Galleoneer releases Phrasemaster Mk1

Galleoneer has released version 1.0 of Phrasemaster Mk1, their "multiphrase mapping, VSTi hosting, plugIn behaving, generic software phrase sequencer" for Windows. It functions as a VSTi and can also host them for maximum flexibility.

Key features:

  • Useful for live performing and for composing/arranging work.
  • Can host VST instruments. They are used to output the phrasing - use your favored VST instruments to play your phrases. You can easily browse patches and load or save programs or banks of the hosted VSTi.
  • Phrase playback does not add latency.
  • There is no limit to phrase sequences in resolution and length - phrases can be very long and can contain every possible note data and quantization.
  • Can hold a huge amount of phrases simultaneously.
  • Phrases can be recorded from MIDI input or from host sequencer.
  • Phrases can be mapped to keys on the master keyboard so that you can switch them while playing. Triggering and transposing phrases with one hand while changing them with the other is possible.
  • There are many modes for automatic phrase changing. Including:
    • Circular phrase changes where the next depressed key will start the next available phrase in list.
    • A random change mode where the next depressed key will start a phrase chosen at random.
  • Phrases can be looped.
  • You can trigger 1 to 32 phrases at a time. The phrases themselves can also be polyphonic.
  • Phrases can be imported from MIDI files and exported to them - an endless arsenal of phrases ready to explore.

Phrasemaster Mk1 costs EU€49 for the standard (fully featured) version or, if you are feeling flush, a "VIP edition" is available for EU€499 which will come with a unique look and feel (i.e. It is tailored for your personal flavor. It can be designed to contain your logo for example).

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