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Glitchtek releases Roku v1.0


Glitchtek has released Roku v1.0, a free basic 6 tap delay / multi delay VST effect plug-in for Windows.


  • 6 independent delay lines.
  • Max 5 seconds delay.
  • Each tap has controls for volume, panning, feedback and a band-pass filter.
  • Tempo syncable
  • Master mix and volume controls.

Glitchtek also has three other plug-ins available in various states of betaness.

  • Sidechain Gate: a simple sidechain gate with two stereo inputs (the second is for the key input) so it requires a VST host with flexible routing possibilities.
  • Booty: a real-time beat slicer for dodgy lo-fi electronic goodness.
  • Randomiser: MIDI Randomiser - every time it receives a MIDI note event, it will transmit two MIDI CC events, their values varied by a random amount.


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