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Mackie releases Tracktion v2.0.2.8


Mackie has released version of Tracktion.

New features:

  • New Installers: On the PC, this gives the added benefit of being able to install in multiple languages and use the Windows "Add or Remove Programs" dialogue for removing your Tracktion 2 installation.
  • International Language Support for GUI Display: Tracktion can now display all elements of its program in three new languages in addition to English; French, German, and Spanish.
  • Folder grouping for "built-in" effects plug-ins: The built-in Raw Materials Software plug-ins are now grouped into a common folder (Tracktion Filters). This folder appears at the top of the list of filters. For users who tend to mainly use third party plug-ins, this new feature will allow them to collapse the folder and not have to view plug-ins they seldom use.
  • Custom naming ability to audio outputs: Tracktion 2 now allows the user to add a custom alias name for their hardware outputs, not just its inputs. This is particularly useful for user's using Mac OS 10.4's "Aggregate device" function, where inputs and outputs from multiple pieces of hardware can be combined into one single unit to be used with Tracktion 2.
  • Added new group soloing functionality: Soloing a source track fed to a group will also solo the group. Soloing a group now solos all tracks fed to that group.
  • Added new Render Track Dialog: Choosing render track in the "export" function now opens a dialog window allowing more detailed control over track renders. The user can now choose the sample rate, sample size, and file type of the render.
  • Added support for MMC Goto message.


  • Fixed issue with Tracktion not always rendering mixes correctly with mixes using buses.
  • Fixed issue where double-clicking the title bar in OS X would resize GUI window to an unusable size and location.
  • Fixed issue with delay compensation not always working properly after relaunching the program.
  • Fixed issue where certain broadcast wave files in a loop record could not always be returned properly to time stamp position.
  • Fixed issue where multiple clips in a loop recording were falsely considered "orphan clips" in the project tab.
  • Fixed issue where "solo" command in the properties panel was not soloing all tracks, when all tracks were selected.
  • Fixed issue where shift-clicking did not properly select multiple tracks. Now shift-clicking will select all in between tracks.
  • Updated Rewire .dll to latest available version.
  • Fixed issue on Mac with Waves plug-ins crashing T2 during the plug-in scan.
  • Fixed issue with tracks not retaining mute status after being soloed/unsoloed. Now if a muted track is soloed, it will appear with a light color background for the mute control to illustrate that the track will be muted when unsoloed, as illustrated in the following graphic.
  • Fixed issue with certain non ASCII characters causing projects not to render properly.
  • Fixed issue with MIDI data not working well with external MIDI hardware. This fixes complaints of doubled notes, dropped notes, or bad timing when sending MIDI to external MIDI hardware.
  • Fixed issue with pitch shifted clips not rendering properly.
  • Fixed issue with loop divider in looped audio clips shifting to the wrong position at high zoom levels.
  • Fixed issue where projects with virtual tracks imported from .prj files would only import the first virtual track. Now all used virtual tracks will import to separate tracks of the edit.
  • Fixed issue where delay compensation on aux sends was not being preserved during a render/export.
  • Fixed behavior of CTRL key plus dragging not working correctly with notes in the MIDI editor.
  • Fixed issue where bandwidth (Q) control on Tracktion EQ plug-in was able to "flip" beyond complete rotation.
  • Fixed issue where loop recording takes would not rename properly. Now renaming one take, renames them all.
  • Fixed issue with "overlay new clips containing newly recorded midi" mode of MIDI recording.
  • Fixed issue with Delete Marked region across all tracks inserting automation points.
  • Other small fixes.


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