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GSi announces Key Performer 2 (and drops price)


GSi has announced that a major update for Key Performer, GSi's all-purpose keyboard instrument, is imminent. This will not be a simple update, but a huge expansion of the original concept.

First of all, Key Performer 2 is now bi-timbral, the interface has been split in two parts: Part 1 is dedicated to the real-time synthesis instruments, and Part 2 is dedicated to the sampled instruments. Everything has been conceived to work with two parts that can be layered one on top of the other, or can be played in split mode on one keyboard, or from two separate keyboards sending different MIDI channels. Effects can now be assigned to either part or both. Plus, new effects, new instruments, new functions, etc.

While waiting for the official release, the shareware fee for Key Performer has been dropped to €119*.

* Existing V1 users that paid less than 119 Euros (during offers or occasional rebates) will just pay the difference. Those who paid more will get the update free of charge.



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