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Reviewed By Stoffel11
April 30th, 2022

The VB3 v1.1.1 is an extremely versatile organ with a very good sounding Leslie and very low CPU load.
Unfortunately, some parameters are stored globally, so they are not stored in a patch.
This already limits the use in a DAW very much.
There will probably be no improvement, because the support does not respond despite repeated requests.
Therefore only 2 stars.

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Easy Convolver
Reviewed By Faydit
February 9th, 2021

Simple, useful, nice, effective.

Sounds really good, loading IR-files works well. A simple soulution, if you want to use IR's but don't need any additional editing except from mixing level.

An option to store one or more different IR folders and their content would be nice maybe in a future version.

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Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
November 9th, 2020

A really fun, authentic (in sound and operation) tape echo VST. My only real issue is that the self oscillation doesn't go completely wild.

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Electric Grand EG70
Reviewed By tommyzai
May 5th, 2014


GSI's EG70 (Electric Grand) is an excellent physical modeling simulation of the Yamaha CP-70 electro-acoustic baby grand touring piano. It has a tiny footprint, uses no samples, and sounds fantastic. Back in the day, I owned an authentic CP-70, and I can say without hesitation that this nails the sound almost to a tee. I do own a good sample version of the CP-70, and of course it sounds just like it. However, this physical modeled version is able to reproduce a remarkable natural response that is warm, yet clear and dynamic – very playable.

The interface is simple, yet boast a powerful control panel that enables the user to adjust the decay, release, and resonance, as well as shaping the tone with an active three band EQ (bass, mid, and treble tone). There is also a built-in tremolo and reverb.


  • Clean GUI with easily accessible controls.
  • No need for a manual.
  • CPU friendly.
  • Stable (has never crashed my DAW).
  • Sounds great (nice blend of warmth and chime).
  • Polyphonic throughout the 73 keys.
  • Realistic response to keyboard dynamics.
  • Excellent sustain pedal.
  • Adjustable global tuning.
  • Innovative and responsive developer.
  • Good price.


  • The original was designed for portability. Well, you can't get more portable than this.
  • I'd like to see GSI re-create more vintage keys.


GSI's EG70 is an accurate physical modeled recreation of one of the greatest touring instruments of all time. It wonderfully replicates the string vibration, pickups, and resonance of the original. I would say it's at least 98% of the original tone, and that's not bad — not bad at all! The EG70 extremely playable and great sounding — just enough metallic sound to cut through a mix without overpowering the other tracks. Suffice to say, this plugin only does one thing, but it does it incredibly well! I highly recommend this virtual electro-acoustic baby grand to any eMusician, producer, film/game scorer, DJ, etc., who is looking for that unmistakable timeless sound and feel. Tommy Zai gives the EG70 two chords up. Thank you, GSI, for creating such a masterful version of a classic.


I can no longer in good faith give this plugin a 5-star rating as it hasn't been updated in years and no longer works. I sincerely hope the developer brings it back to life.

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Reviewed By Xelebes
October 26th, 2008

Interface: A little guessing as to where the buttons really ae but once you find them, they have a name pop up that tells you what they are. that's all I need.

Sound: Interesting. Makes the tinniest acid lines (as that has been what I have been using it for so far) into a more phat and grungy sound. Don't know about authenticness, but I'm finding it a bit malleable for my purposes.

Features: Not much, does some weird things here and there which might interest you. But not really. But eh, it's a delay box, not much I'm really looking for in it.

Documentation: Eh, for me, it doesn't need it but there's a manual which you're supposed to read before using. Oops!

Presets: No presets, but it's not like you really need them for this thing. Play with it.

Stability: No crashes so far, which is a good thing, I reckon.

Dollar value: It's free, so it's all good. Time-value to download and to plunk around with it? It's definitely worth a try, you might like it. It's a simple little tool which has cute little quirks.
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MrRay73 Mark II
Reviewed By Stupid American Pig
February 3rd, 2008

Well done Zio!

Pros- Probably the most realistic Rhodes Vsti available, sample based or not.
As with all of his releases, the effect is both useable, stable, and accurate- warts and all. Phaser, amp sim and tremolo are nice touches and tailored to the piano sound well.
GUI is logical and well positioned.
Presets: not really applicable here
Customer service: Guido is enthusiastic and passionate about his work, that = good customer service.
Documentation: all CC and midi data is well documented, as well as all knob and switch functions.
Value For money: Not only is the one of the most accurate emulations, its the cheapest of all the "major" players out there.

Cons- not many, I think my only criticism of the sound is that my real rhodes was a bit thicker in the low end: but this was both a blessing and a curse on my rhodes. This is easily cured with some EQ.

This plugin as with the rest of Guido's plugins allowed me to free myself from maintaining my aging rhodes and wurlitzer. I have sold them and use these plugins exclusively.
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