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Harrison updates Mixbus to v1.1


Harrison has updated Mixbus to v1.1. This update fixes several of the most-reported issues, and also adds a few commonly-requested features.

New Features:

  • Master Bus: Add "Program Release" to final limiter. Show limiter gain redux in yellow. Add "input trim" and "limiter in/out" function to popup dialog.
  • Add Insert "ping" function to measure latency and accommodate it (on tracks & mixbusses). You can now use external h/w processing and get sample-accurate latency compensation within Mixbus.
  • Add key stroke (left/right arrow) and wheel (left/right, shift-down/up) scrolling in mixer window.
  • Plugin manager now has a "hide" option so that you can control which plugins show up in the plugin menus.
  • New "by category" plugin menu, to complement the "by creator" one that already existed.
  • If auto-play is enabled, defining or changing a range selection will immediately start playing it.
  • New action, ToggleRollMaybe, which leaves loop play or range play mode but without stopping the transport (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-space by default).
  • New "Region Layering Editor". This is accessed via the region context menu, and provides an easy way to modify the layering of regions at a given location (it will only show in the menu if there is more than one region under the mouse pointer). It can be used as an excellent tool for comping loop recording or overdubs in general.
  • Provide host callbacks for AU plugins to get tempo, musical time and transport information.
  • Mixbus can now open un-writable sessions without complaining. This includes sessions on read-only media and those for which write access is not granted to the user.


  • Automatically "scale up" the size of knobs and switches if you have a larger screen.
  • Make exported file name text entry "activatable" in export region dialog.
  • Correctly continue to keep sending MTC when looping.
  • Make display of files to process during import correct (i.e. "23 of 24" instead of repeating "1 of 24").
  • Window titles are now consistent (and do not include "ardour").
  • Show region sync point in the popup region editor.
  • Fix copy-drag operations when in lock edit mode.
  • Tidy up region gain line drawing so that it doesn't extend past the region.
  • Improve audio file format names shown in the interface.
  • Remove edit point clock which was causing confusion with some users.
  • More vertically-oriented layout of toggle controls in LADSPA editors.
  • Fix missing display of plugins in the plugin manager (corrupt plugin type information).
  • Do not ignore auto-connect setting when it is disabled for a new session.
  • Do not stop at session end if synced to JACK but not the time master.
  • Save audio settings even when using FFADO.
  • Don't reset panner or plugin parameter values when switching automation to Write or Off (avoids losing a manually set value).
  • Fix "separate" edit so that regions created do not overlap by 1 sample.
  • Make region "lower-to-bottom" and "raise-to-top" have persistent rather than temporary effects.
  • Sort items in the region context menu to match order in the track.
  • Cleanup of Mackie/Logic Control support to prevent it from stopping Session unloading from proceeding correctly.
  • Save and restore seamless loop setting when changing transport slave mode, since no JACK doesn't allow seamless loop.
  • When renaming tracks/busses/sends/inserts, scan everything to avoid JACK port duplicate names.
  • Display an explanation if JACK shuts down due to backend issues (e.g. another application changes the sample rate).
  • Change the chat link to #ardour-mixbus, our own channel.


  • Increased Mixbus latency compensation to 8192 samples to accommodate UAD and other "hardware" AU plugins.
  • Corrected EQ & Dynamics settings at 96k.
  • Allow Ardour Busses to assign to Harrison Mixbuses.
  • Fixed MIDI bindings to solo/mute, and fix pan knobs on the Mackie/MCU/Logic controller.
  • Many fixes to AU plugins, to keep the GUI updating correctly.
  • Fix BWF header contents.
  • Fix crash caused by auto-saving after unloading a session.
  • Fix crash caused by using an audio interface without inputs or outputs.
  • Fix crash caused by data overrun when generating peak files.
  • Plugin/send/insert displays in mixer strips should now always list the correct items.
  • Handle localized decimal indicator in BarController widget.
  • I/O buttons now show connection state a bit more sensibly.
  • Edit group visibility maintained in session file.
  • Prevent sends/inserts from ever being renamed to the same name as a track/bus.
  • Make handling of session and history files more robust across ardour versions.
  • Don't allow crossfade point dragging to create illegal values.
  • Updated to latest version of sample rate conversion code to fix crash when importing files.


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