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Hart Instruments Sampler Engine (HISE) updated to v0.99 build 647 - AAX Export and iOS Export Added

Hart Instruments

Hart Instruments has released a new beta version of HISE, a cross-platform open source audio application for building virtual instruments.


  • added compressed script exchange format.
  • added support for multiple inclusion of script files.
  • added Synth.getChildSynthByIndex () method.
  • decreased threading overhead for scripting DSP modules.
  • added Message.makeArtificial () and Message.isArtificial ().
  • added MessageHolder object.
  • added 'Synth.getTimerInterval () andSynth.isTimerRunning ()'.
  • scripting: fixed absolute include paths.
  • fixed retina rendering of ScriptPanels & scripted images.
  • added getAttribute () method for connected script modules.
  • added scriptable undo system for changing module parameters.
  • added 1/32 and 1/32T tempo factors.
  • added Synth.isKeyDown () method.
  • added Widget.getGlobalPositionX / Y () to get the global position for child components.
  • fixed poisoned float values when using a incorrect slider mid position.
  • added support for automating ScriptPanels when used as discrete widgets.


  • added search box to script watch table.
  • Cmd + D for selecting multiple tokens.
  • added "Edit in external Window" feature for callbacks & whole scripts.
  • added jump to error by double clicking on console error message.
  • improved error reporting (missing location for runtime script errors).
  • added "Tools -> Create External Script File" command.
  • added "Add missing control case statements" tool.
  • added "Create UI factory method" refactoring tool.


  • vastly improved synchronization between disk & audio rendering.
  • fixed preload buffer click when using smaller and looped samples.
  • added global preload scale factor for different hard drive types.
  • removed clicks when loading user presets.


  • increased performance of event ID handling.
  • filtered unsupported MIDI messages for reducing activity noise.
  • improved voice amount calculation.
  • deactivate bypassed script processors.
  • improved accuracy of Engine.getUptime () by adding the sample position of the current event.
  • improved timer microtiming for larger buffer sizes.
  • added multiple timers per synth (4).
  • removed zipper noises when changing convolution gain settings.
  • added MIDI channel filter.


  • added AAX support (still experimental).
  • added iOS export.
  • added standalone application exporter.
  • added command line usage of HISE to compile presets.
  • added support for VS2015.
  • fixed wrong audio file embedding when exporting plugins.
  • do not embed sample maps into effect plugin.
  • added icon support for standalone export (add Icon.png to Images/ subfolder).
  • fixed exporting without IR samples.
  • added customizable toolbar via additional C++ classes.


  • fixed radio group behaviour for scripted buttons when using interscript communication.
  • fixed autocomplete crash.
  • fixed occasional autosave crash.
  • fix crash when using invalid sampler reference.
  • fix duplicated script error message when calling a invalid event ID.
  • fixed autocomplete popup for referencing object methods in external files.
  • fixed wrong compiler settings for VS2015 standalone project.
  • fixed crash for standalone app when no audio device is selected.
  • fixed error messages when loading preset from .hip.
  • fixed missing keyboard property for default JSON toolbar properties.
  • fixed setting gain attribute of polyphonic filter via script.
  • added sanitize float array function.
  • removed possibility to store strings as component values to avoid automation issues.
  • fixed click-through for images.
  • fixed preset restoring for script interfaces.
  • fixed all notes off engine uptime bug.
  • fixed crash when loading invalid user preset.


  • double click on preset file to load HISE.


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