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Hart Instruments Sampler Engine (HISE) v1.0.0 build 649 now available

Hart Instruments

Version 1.0.0 build 649 of Hart Instruments Sampler Engine (HISE) , cross-platform open source audio application for building virtual instruments, is now available.

Huge Changes:

  • UI redesign.
  • HLAC lossless audio codec.

Minor Changes:

  • added Content.setUseHighResolutionForPanels to double the rendering resolution for script panels.
  • added Scripting API getCurrentLevel () to Modulators, Effects & Synths.
  • added reverse playback.
  • Scripting API: added viewport.
  • added new top bar & workspaces.
  • Scripting API: added Array.reserve () for preallocating storage.
  • fixed fonts on OS X Sierra.
  • added component parameter to custom callback.
  • Scripting-API: added setCustomControlCallback () for using inline functions instead of onControl callback.
  • added possibility to dynamically change parent components.
  • deactivated memory mapping on iOS by default.
  • improved idle performance.
  • fixed adding / removing of modules via script.
  • refactored streaming method.
  • improved cache locality when rendering modulators.
  • added simple one pole filters.
  • added support for multichannel filters.

Tiny Changes:

  • fixed host BPM detection (was deactivated for some obscure reason).
  • added touch & hold gesture for "right clicks" on iOS.
  • added error message when ASIO driver fails to initialise.
  • fixed case sensitive preset search.
  • fix bursts when sample loading thread is busy.
  • enabled glitch detector for frontend plugins.
  • added logging when loading samplemaps && purging.
  • added script parameter change logging.
  • fixed preset browser losing current file when editor is reopened.
  • fixed intensity slider changing also modulator attributes.
  • fixed uninitialized values for routing matrix level display.
  • added hint to sample display when empty.
  • added debug logger.
  • changed CPU meter to detect peaks more robustly.
  • fixed huge sample loading on 32-bit.
  • fixed crash on race condition when using convolution reverb on x86.
  • added safety checks to remove malicious samples.
  • improved preset hotswapping (muted until the last sample is loaded).
  • added support for varying buffer sizes.
  • fixed missing sample dialog when not using monolith samples.
  • fixed set sample location in sandbox mode.
  • added GLOBAL_SCRIPT_FOLDER wildcard for loading scripts from AppData Folder/scripts/.
  • fixed error message when using partial samples.
  • added CC remapper to frontend settings window.
  • added CC swapping to global event handler.
  • changed storage file for global settings.
  • fixed priority order of overlay messages.
  • added burst check to DspInstance.


Discussion: Active
9 June 2017 at 7:12pm

Unfortunately the stable build is crashing on my mac book pro 2014 running OS Sierra : (.

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