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HoRNet releases HoRNetSpaces algorithmic reverb


HoRNet Plugins has released Spaces, a plug-in aimed at creating virtual rooms and halls, to create the simulation Spaces utilizing a technique called "Digital Waveguide Network." This kind of reverb can simulate the audio reflections that happen naturally inside a closed space and the amount of diffusion from those reflections.

This algorithm is one of the most accurate way to simulate a room, a hall or any closed space, HoRNetSpaces focus on cubic rooms of various dimensions and proportions, since it's easy to create bad sounding rooms for convenience Spaces has three preset kind of rooms with fixed proportions known to sound good, we call them "small", "mid", and "large" because of the different ratios between height, width and length. When using one of the preset rooms changing the height control changes the other two dimensions according to the chosen room ratios.

Spaces is tailored at creating realistic rooms, halls and everything that has four walls, a ceiling and a floor. A user can design using the custom room mode and the three sliders that control the height, width and length of the room. The size of the rooms determines the "room modes", frequencies at which the room resonates and that create the typical reverb of that specific space, the main frequencies of those modes (axial, tangential and oblique) are shown in the central display of the plugin.


  • Algorithmic DWN reverb.
  • Room size freely adjustable.
  • Three preset room proportions.
  • Adjustable reverberation length.
  • Adjustable reflections amount.
  • Adjustable frequency response of reverb tail.
  • Adjustable processing quality.
  • Adjustable stereo width.
  • Room modes display.
  • 13 presets designed by Simon Scholl.
  • 23th century GUI.
  • Mac OS X (>=10.6 Intel only) and Windows support.
  • 64-bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows.

Price: 15,99€ at http://www.hornetplugins.com



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