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HoRNet SpringVerb
Reviewed By Faydit
May 25th, 2022

Not only for the quality comparably cheap and also sonically very flexible spring reverb plugin.

I know some good sounding sping reverb plugins bujt even more not really convincingly sounding ones, at least for me. For some time therefore I preferred using convolution reverb solutions, if it came to spring reverb, but these ones also have some limitations, especially concerning the recording quality of these files, which can differ a lot.

The Hornet SpringVerb seems to sound very good, it can be adjusted very individually and even some more extreme settings seem to sound really convincing, nice natural, organic tones, simple, but effective GUI and controls, selecting the number of springs (1,2,3) alone changes a lot but not only, you can easily adjust some small, decent spring reverb as well as large, dense and intense ones and a lot in between.

Some presets would have been fine.

Nevertheless five stars for the sound quality and flexibility. Good work.

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HoRNet Valvola
Reviewed By komoro
January 20th, 2022

Tried this one on drums and got some interesting results, but only with high Gain settings. The Tube overdrive is relatively fast sounding unnatural in the higher settings, but with subtle coloration and the additional Gain it brings some glue on the Drumbus. I experimented a little and was surprised as I realized that a Transformer like Transature from Analog Obsessions is bringing the sound extremely forward when it is positioned after Valvola in the signal chain. The coloration of the Valvola brings a gritty and rough restless sound to the ears and with added Transformer the unwanted distortion and dissonances disappear and bring some pretty good shine. Although the set-up of the Valvola is a little difficult it seems to be a better take on the tube-preamp sound. Phoenix from Shattered Glass Audio has more controls and EQ, but both plugins are very individual and the result is different with the similarity that both sound good.

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HoRNet Valvola
Reviewed By Trader One
January 19th, 2022

Its good plugin. Emulation might not be perfect replica of tube, but there is definitely musical use for that. You can choose from 7 tubes and can do negative effect as well and this is good for cleaning signal. There is output gain setting, no wet/dry mix.

It can saturate signal and can give it buzzing over drive sound. With right setup it will do just a bit every now and then and its better then overused vinyl emulation.

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HoRNet Valvola
Reviewed By derickgtwkbrwt
December 22nd, 2021

this is really one of the best tube emulations, and the best free emulation, I really liked the saturation of the EL84, but i think i could add a gain control, some valves have low volume like the 6l6cg, and i wish i could make this adjustment in the plugin, and also the option to make the frequency response more linear.

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HoRNet Valvola
Reviewed By Faydit
December 22nd, 2021

The tube simulations basically sound good, but the output level is extremely low if not to say, much too low.

Next problem I have, the sonic results, you get from tubes, depend - apart from a lot of other factors- very much on different values of resistors and capacitors on anode, cathode and grid, what I hear here, basically is a very clean setting, without any - for guitar or bass - usable saturation or overdrive.

If I eg. stack two 12AX7 and a 6L6 or EL34, the result with saturation levels at 90-100% still sounds much cleaner and has a much too low output level than eg. a simple Tweed Champ circuit with only one 12AX7 and a 6V6 (or even 6L6), so these simulations do not at all behave and react like tubes in a typical tube amp circuit, rather like tubes in an old radio or another audio circuit.

Constant level control is - in my opinion - not only a useless feature, if it comes to tubes, it also affects the results in a very negative way, as it makes it impossible that cascading tubes can react like a real tube circuit, as an essential part of a good tube amp sound is the fact that the different stages overdrive in a controlled way the following ones. If they cannot, as the level is always automatically reduced before, you do not get any authentic tube overdrive, what is exactly, what's happening here. Then it also is no authentic simulation but just some fantasy programming without any connection to the physical reality of real tube gear.

I also do not see the sense of negative saturation, if positive saturation finally only results in (too) clean sounds.

I also tried to add the plugin after an already good tube amp simulation, but the results did not improve much, all I heard was a much lower output level but no real sonic improvements.

Good idea, but not a very convincing realisation. As it is, rather a toy but a usable plugin, at least for me, sorry.

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HATEFISh RhyGenerator One
Reviewed By S0210
November 11th, 2020

A lovely little sequencer. I prefer this free version to the extended one with 16 tracks. The only reason I gave 4 starts instead of the maximum is the lack of some obvious MIDI CC settings. I'd love to tweak the triggers live in my old VSThost.

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HoRNet Harmonics
Reviewed By choomaque
September 28th, 2020

it does absolutely nothing, .

plugin is active or bypassed, tweaked all the sliders, monitored by ears or analyzer - no difference.

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HoRNet Total EQ
Reviewed By Wishoff
April 5th, 2020

The description is not lying, and it's really a top quality EQ, sounds pure and clean, but also very much alive when needed. It's hard not to use it all over the projects, replacing other ones, even big name ones.

The interface is pretty good, pair or above today's standards, nothing really exceptionally good, but certainly not bad either, it's pretty standard, which is actually a pretty good thing.

Feature wise Total EQ is showing just the right amount of useful tools for the every day work and then some. The "equal loudness" is something every plugin should have, but sadly not essential, when active, Total EQ has the same volume after eq as before, so you are not fooled by the "louder is better" phenomenon. There's also per filter analog emulation and saturation which is adjustable, and it's easy to activate and deactivate both analog and saturation on all filters at once. There's lots of filter types and its pretty easy to change if needed, there's a few ones missing to be perfect, but not something I'll give one star less for.

Overall, I was a bit surprised about how well this EQ sounds and functions, not that Hornet Plugins are mediocre, quite opposite, but the market of EQs are booming and I didn't think that there's room for one more, but I have been mistaken, there's definitely room for Total EQ.

So, Total EQ is for the ones who want's an EQ that is top notch in quality and can do the dirty saturations on demand, easy to use and with just the right utilities.

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