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HATEFISh RhyGenerator One
Reviewed By S0210
November 11, 2020

A lovely little sequencer. I prefer this free version to the extended one with 16 tracks. The only reason I gave 4 starts instead of the maximum is the lack of some obvious MIDI CC settings. I'd love to tweak the triggers live in my old VSThost.

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HoRNet Harmonics
Reviewed By choomaque
September 28, 2020

it does absolutely nothing, .

plugin is active or bypassed, tweaked all the sliders, monitored by ears or analyzer - no difference.

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HoRNet Total EQ
Reviewed By Wishoff
April 5, 2020

The description is not lying, and it's really a top quality EQ, sounds pure and clean, but also very much alive when needed. It's hard not to use it all over the projects, replacing other ones, even big name ones.

The interface is pretty good, pair or above today's standards, nothing really exceptionally good, but certainly not bad either, it's pretty standard, which is actually a pretty good thing.

Feature wise Total EQ is showing just the right amount of useful tools for the every day work and then some. The "equal loudness" is something every plugin should have, but sadly not essential, when active, Total EQ has the same volume after eq as before, so you are not fooled by the "louder is better" phenomenon. There's also per filter analog emulation and saturation which is adjustable, and it's easy to activate and deactivate both analog and saturation on all filters at once. There's lots of filter types and its pretty easy to change if needed, there's a few ones missing to be perfect, but not something I'll give one star less for.

Overall, I was a bit surprised about how well this EQ sounds and functions, not that Hornet Plugins are mediocre, quite opposite, but the market of EQs are booming and I didn't think that there's room for one more, but I have been mistaken, there's definitely room for Total EQ.

So, Total EQ is for the ones who want's an EQ that is top notch in quality and can do the dirty saturations on demand, easy to use and with just the right utilities.

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Reviewed By GRUMP
March 26, 2020

Currently free (by 04.04.) - I quickly checked it out. Focus: Air (Top End) and Low End.

Compared with Acustica Audio PINK, bx_Console N and Halion Studio EQ: sounds really briliant up there and in the Bottom either. Very transparent and smooth. Saturation = very soft. Filters = interesting.


Didn't really Consider Hornet yet (GUIs...), but this one really convinced me.


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HoRNet Harmonics
Reviewed By Nobdi
November 17, 2019

I does do what it says.

At first I thought Ghost Dog was right in that it doesn't add more than 2-4 harmonics but when I tested it thoroughly with a sine wave it showed a lot more.

Test scenario was melda sine wave generator, voxengo span pro, cubase 9.5, win10 pro. - I have to say though that you need to send quite a volume into it (!) otherwise it just produces the 2-4 harmonics.

So just 4 stars from me. The volume thing could have been described somewhere.

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HoRNet Harmonics
Reviewed By Ghost Dog
November 13, 2019

It does add harmonics, but, it doesn't add any harmonics past the 4th. Hopefully it will be fixed in future releases, because it's a very useful concept, but as it is .... it's mostly the GUI waveform that gets transformed.

(P.S. I'm giving it the rating of 1 only because I have to. Otherwise I wouldn't rate it at all, or give it five stars if it worked.).

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HATEFISh RhyGenerator
Reviewed By David
July 27, 2019

This cool cross-platform MIDI FX offers the best application of Euclidean beats to melodic, tonal material I've yet found, because it has two arpeggiate modes, which loop whatever notes you hold through however many tracks you've got set to arpeggiate. Other tracks can be set to any specific note, or to play a held chord, or to send MIDI CC. I just posted a video demo of all this in the topic here: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=517113&p=7474380#p7474380

Apart from this killer feature, the plugin is about as rudimentary as it could be: No presets or saving, no rotating of tracks to offset the pulses relative to other tracks (only reason I docked it a star—REALLY hope they add rotating!), but in exchange it's super simple and elegant, and dirt cheap! I've got a lot of other ways to implement Euclidean beats, but this is so far my favorite because of that brilliant arpeggiate feature, which of course is just as cool on drum kits. It makes interacting with the beat totally fun and powerful.

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HoRNet Harmonics
Reviewed By AlienXXX
January 7, 2018

This does not work for me at all in Ableton Live 9.5 or Reaper.

I have tried the presets, or creating my own settings. In all cases, the plugin does nothing to the sound - other then change volume if you decrease the bar corresponding to the fundamental frequency.

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