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HoRNet releases VHS - Audio Plugin for Headphone Mixing


HoRNet Plugins has announced the release of HoRNet VHS, a new audio plugin designed to make headphone mixing easier and more accurate than ever before.

HoRNet VHS is a powerful tool that compensates for the frequency response of headphones and simulates the acoustics of a professional listening environment, providing users with a more accurate and natural sound.

With a database of over 100 headphone models, HoRNet VHS ensures that users get the most accurate frequency response possible, no matter what type of headphones they're using.

HoRNet VHS also includes advanced room simulation technology that allows users to create a professional listening environment that accurately simulates the acoustics of a studio or other professional listening environment.

HoRNet VHS is available now for purchase at the HoRNet website for €10.99.



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