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Ignite VST releases 808 Studio

Initial Audio

Ignite VST has released 808 Studio. 808 Studio is a bass synthesizer designed for that classic 808 sound found in many modern styles of music like Trap, Grime and Drum and bass.

The basses in 808 Studio are generated from a selection of 70 different high definition waveforms. The higher the definition of the waveform the more harmonic content it can contain and hence the more rich and full it will sound at the lowest frequencies. Change the waveform, apply a filter and modify the individual layers of the sound.


  • 70 unique high definition waveforms.
  • 200 production ready presets.
  • Kick section.
  • Sub section: Designed to feature Fat mode and drive.
  • Bypass the effects: Intended to be useful for keeping the fundamental frequency of the bass intact when using the Chorus.
  • Oscillator section: Layer two of the 70 available waveforms, then apply its own envelope.
  • Advanced Graphical Envelopes: Control the curves and set the sections either from the display or use the knobs. Get realtime visual feedback of the envelopes current position.
  • Effect rack with Amp, Compressor, EQ and Chorus. Effect order can be changed. Compressor contains a built in sidechain from the kick section.
  • Glide: Glide bass with one knob.
  • Pitch Slide: Add pitch slide up or down and set the shape of the slide response.
  • Scope: View the end resulting waveform in realtime. Also shows if the output is clipping by flashing red.

Price: $69.



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