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21 December 2011 at 6:37pm

Igor...I never even got it far enought to get to using my DAW with it...

I sent an email at the Crunck web site....

But for others here is what happened...

1. downloaded the Crunck.dll file

2. pasted the.dll file into my VST folder

3. as soon as I did that...the VST folder's cursor started going crazy going up and down and flashing

tried to hit start to shut down my computer...in the run box....crazy letters were typing by themselves going back and forth in the run box...

my computer shut down by itself...no blue screen of death, nothing, just shut down....

by this time I was freaked out....thinking my computer was destroyed...As per the comment above by Igor72, I never got as far as running my DAW with the Crunck vst....so the DAW was not the problem...as soon as I put the.dll file in my VST folder thats when my computer feaked out....

But so far, I have not had any problem with my computer.... after restarting it and deleteing the Crunck.dll and download...the computer had run fine...but it somehow messed up my VST folder, as Cubase and Ohmstudio would not scan their plugins at first, until I deleted the cache for them, now they are fine....

Sorry Igor72, but I did get a bad reaction from the CruncK.dll as soon as I pasted it into my VST folder....


21 December 2011 at 9:07pm

Hi Harry,

sorry but in 11 years of programming is the first time that I hear something so!!!

Head_Crunck.dll is the exact name of file it is a simple VST plugin and run only when a DAW load it.

The plugin has been downloaded some hundred times, yours is the first problem and VERY strange.

My suggestion is a scan your pc with a anti virus.

I hope that the scan solve the problem.



21 December 2011 at 11:26pm

Thanks for replying to the problem I had with Crunck...I took down the "First"...post...but... my computer still had this very bad reaction to the.dll file that I put into my VST folder...weird...I know...I keep my music computer very clean and virus free...so its too bad that I cant use the Crunck plugin...it sounded really good on your web site...

since I only copy/pasted the.dll file to my VST folder, I dont know if the problem is with my computer or not...



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