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Fsynthz releases The Teen Bundle (VSTi Win)


Fsynthz has released The Teen Bundle, a collection of free VSTi plug-ins for Windows.

The Teen Bundle is a collection of synths sharing a similar sound engine (4-op. sync modulation + unison). This special architecture is intended to sound good for any random set of controls so it creates a playground for morphing and randomness. Another benefit of this scheme is easy-mixing ("piercing through the mix") sound.

This bundle collects old (updated) and new (or previously unreleased) synths in this family.


  • 15.5 - morphs between the two sub-presets by ModWheel (latest up to date version).
  • 15 - "automated" version of 15.5 (latest up to date version).
  • 15.1 - tone sliding effects added (pitch slides at keyon/keyoff) (prev. unreleased).
  • 15.51 - 15.5 + sliding, feat. alt. tonegen (new 2011).
  • 15K - morphs between the two sub-presets within a keyboard range (prev. unreleased).
  • 15E - enveloped morph (latest up to date version).
  • 15Slow - morphs on ProgChange to the next preset (program), feat. arpeggiator and alt. tonegen (new 2011).
  • 15L - no morphing, extended controls set, alt. tonegen (prev. unreleased).
  • 15Quad - double "sharp" tonegen (8 ops), controls derived from 15L (new 2011).
  • 15w8v - load a wave file for the modulator, mix the result to the intact wave (new 2011).

Features include:

  • Compact GUIs with balloon tooltips on all controls.
  • Similar control logics among the family.
  • Rich sound based on up to 7-voiced unison plus up to 4-voiced sync per note.
  • Well-developed, optimized and CPU-friendly engine.
  • Effects: chorus-flanger, x-delay, random pan, channel shift - used simultaneously.
  • Variety of approaches to morphing and modulation.


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