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IJData BodiLizer v1.0 released


IJData have released BodiLizer v1.0, an instrument body equalizer VST effect for Windows, its purpose is to return life to the sound from, for example, guitar pickups.

Under saddle guitar pickups in particular suffer from a very "dead" sound, the reason for this is that while the under saddle pickup picks the string vibration quite well and is also quite robust to outside noise and acoustic feedback, it does not manage to provide for the box sound at all.

The BodiLizer is a VST plugin that filters the signal from the guitar pickup so that it sounds more like a it is picked up with a real microphone.

Currently 3 guitar models are available:
  • Crafter GAE30
  • Epiphone AJ18
  • Cort CJ10-X(12)

The BodiLizer cost $70 USD / 60 EUR and a demo version is available.



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