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Sagan Technology Metro v6.2 pre-release now available

Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology Metro v6.2 pre-release is now available.

New in this version:
  • NEW: Metro SE now supports 8 audio tracks and 8 effect plug-ins or 2 soft-synths.
  • NEW: Metro LX now supports 16 audio tracks and 16 effect plug-ins or 4 soft-synths.
  • NEW: ReWire support. Metro acts a mixer application only (i.e. Master). New ReWire menu allows disconnecting transports and more. ReWire required an open aux buss.
  • NEW: The graphics editor has been vastly improved to support soft-synth, effect plug-ins and presets directly. A new track header popup within the graphic editor will allow instantiation of a plug-in and create mixer outputs automatically now. Presets will appear in the program field of the graphic editor.
  • NEW: Auto tempo detection when an audio loop is first imported to a section.
  • NEW: "save as copy" menu item works exactly like "save as" except it does not set the default filename and does not add the copy to the open recent files menu.
  • NEW: Contextual menu in the mixer window allows the user to trace the inputs to a fader, store the current automation (fader levels) at the beginning of the track, store the current automation at the selection, replace automation, edit, clear, group etc.
  • NEW: Popup in the tempo dialog conveniently allows the user to get the time of the marker so that the tempo can be changed to end at the marker time. Excellent for film work.
  • NEW: Options in plug-ins contextual menu provides for better compatibility with some NI plug-ins for resizing edit windows. There is also a new option for specifying which plug-ins will appear in the graphic editor plug-in/soft synth popup.
  • NEW: Metro now remembers the size of the effects editor window. This is important for plug-ins such as the VST version of Native Instruments Reaktor.
  • NEW: Spray tool dialog has been reorganized and now has a check box which block consecutive pitches from occurring.
  • NEW: Audio Optimizations.
  • NEW: An 'ƒ' character appears in the windows menu if the window is floating.
  • NEW: Jukebox data is automatically updated upon playback.
  • NEW: VST 2 support has been improved.
  • NEW: The links dialog display is improved.
  • NEW: The waveform button in the graphic editor now toggles the region edit switch.
  • NEW: Help tags now display the time in the graphic editor.
  • NEW: selection filter option. A checkbox now allows the user to select every 2nd event or every n out of m events.
  • NEW: The 'EFX' word has been removed from the bank field of the tracks window making it possible to select a bank for soft-synth there.
  • NEW: Highlighting of text and all of the text options available using QuickTIme movie text are now exposed to the user.
  • FIXED: In some rare instances on G4 version only, if the effects dry level was up all the way the resulting audio was wrong.
  • FIXED: Real-time editing of audio while cue-looping has been improved.
  • FIXED: If an audio track was mono and it had some automation set to zero an optimization in the audio engine contained a serious bug causing garbage data to play for very short time periods.
  • FIXED: Overall stability and compatibility of AudioUnit plug-ins have been improved including support for new AudioUnit features. Including work around for a crash in Crystal 2.4.9 and older versions of Sampletank II.
  • FIXED: The drawing of continuous data over a drum track is improved.
  • FIXED: Aux names are no longer overwritten when new aux busses are created.
  • FIXED: Jukebox bit rates are calculated correctly now for AIFF files.
  • FIXED: Miscellaneous minor display problems.
  • FIXED: Effects types are now tracked when loading saved documents so that an audiounit plug will not be substituted for a VST one and visa versa.
  • FIXED: In some cases audio volume automation was being quantized to fader screen positions.
  • FIXED: a bug that caused the Mixer VU's, under certain circumstances, to display data after playback under OS 9 only.
  • FIXED: Metro now correctly ignores any Mach-O plug-ins placed within the plug-in path whose folder name contains the word 'disable'.
  • FIXED: A bug that made it difficult in some cases to add a single column (as opposed to double column) of text using the Movie Text window.
  • FIXED: Double clicking in the name field of the tracks window now correctly takes you to the first event in the graphic editor


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