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Imaginando releases VS - Visual Synthesizer for Windows, Mac and iOS


Portuguese based Imaginando announced today the launch of a brand new, innovative creative visual tool, with the worldwide release of 'VS - Visual Synthesizer' for Windows, Mac and iOS.

Imaginando says VS provides an easy and intuitive way to create visuals that react to both audio and MIDI. Consisting of a collection of shader based materials and multi-layer rendering engine, VS is much more than just a traditional music visualisation tool.

The true power of VS is its combination of flexibility and control. Specify how the visuals react, and what they react to, with VS' extensive modulation capabilities. An interesting part of this is how MIDI can interact with VS, a feature Imaginando calls polyphonic visual voices.

What are polyphonic visual voices?
This is where the 'synthesizer' aspect of VS is fully realised. Each VS layer can draw multiple instances of its material simultaneously, based on MIDI input. So a triad chord for example would generate three 'visual voices', which could be from recorded MIDI data, or live input from a MIDI keyboard, allowing you to 'play' VS like a traditional synthesizer.

Imaginando comments:

From experienced VJ artists to musicians and producers new to the world of visualisation, VS makes it easy to create complex layered animations, and explore new ways to express your music visually.

Pricing & Availability

VS is available as a standalone app on Windows 10, MacOS and iOS, plus VST/AU/AUv3 plugin formats.

VS launches with the following introductory price offer, available until 12th July 2021:

  • VS for Windows/MacOS: 49.50 EUR (Reg. 99 EUR).
  • VS for iOS: 10.99 EUR (Reg. 21.99 EUR).

VS Desktop is also available to Rent-To-Own via the Imaginando account dashboard for 9.99 EUR per month for 12 months.




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