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Initial Audio updates Slice to v1.1.4 and releases 7 new expansions

Initial Audio

Initial Audio has updated Slice to version 1.1.4.

Changes include:

  • Increased the default master gain for the Init preset, was set to -3dB by default.
  • Created a separate version of slice with multiple outputs. We have 3 outputs FX1, FX2, FX3, for mixing or adding extra effects in the host.
  • Added 25% zoom to the sequencers, for finer editing on small grid sizes.
  • Pressing space bar controls play and stop.
  • Added "Bounce to WAV File" to the playlist. Exports the playlist as a full beat and also stems for further use in a DAW. The folder containing the stems is automatically opened, these stems can then be dragged and dropped into your DAW.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the gate. The peaks of some Loops would show across the bottom of the display.
  • When using 1/16 grid size in the sequencers, these 1/16 notes would change to 1/8 when changing the grid size. This was a graphical issue only.
  • When changing the zoom of the drum sequencer the steps would not always update their positions correctly.
  • Fixed a redraw issue when reversing slices.
  • Drum samples and the bass Sample in the sequencers can be dragged and dropped out of Slice.
  • Added more GUI sizes to the settings page.
  • Added dragging the playlist blocks out of slice as MIDI. Dropping on your hosts piano roll will enable you to trigger the sequencers from your DAW exactly as programmed in the playlist.
  • Added half time and double time playback speeds to the drum sequencer.
  • Made the output level meter more responsive.
  • Minor graphical improvements.

Initial Slice update video

Initial Audio has also released 7 new expansion packs for Slice, these are Drill, Drill 2, Ronin, Tsunami, Knockout, Trap and Tokyo.

Each expansion contains 20 new presets, each preset comes with a melodic loop and a beat starter, as well as a drum kit.

Expansion videos playlist



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