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Initial Audio updates Slice to v1.2.0 and Sektor to v1.6.2

Initial Audio

Initial Audio has updated Slice and Sektor with the following changes.

Slice v1.2.0 fixes and improvements include:

  • Added AAX plugin support.
  • Graphical improvements.
  • Added auto scrolling of the playlist.
  • When in song mode the playlist is synced to the host playlist when running as a plugin. Pressing play in the host will trigger Slices play button and play back in sync with the host.
  • Added an option to turn on or off looping the playlist.
  • Play mode is saved in the host project file.
  • When moving the playback indicator in the playlist the audio will start playing from the indicator position, instead of waiting for the start of a new block.
  • Basic loop only presets (Not Beat Starters) can be dragged directly onto the sample display. There are two options: 1 Load only the loop without setting any parameters. This is useful if you want to try out different loops but keep everything else the same. Or 2 also load the bass sequence if one is available. This bass will be in key and to the scale of the loop.
  • Added Swing to the drum sequencer.
  • Added support for ASIO drivers on windows in the standalone app.
  • Added support for Bluetooth MIDI devices on windows in the standalone app.
  • Dragging a slice outside of the plugin/App now has the BPM of the project instead of the original sample BPM. So the slice will sound the same outside Initial Slice as inside.
  • Fixed Bluetooth MIDI not working in standalone on Mac OS 11.
  • Fixed an issue where bounce wouldn't work if files of the same name already existed.
  • Fixed the sample being out of sync when changing per slice pitch and the project BPM is different to sample BPM.
  • Fixed an issue when changing BPM in the host the slices could start at the wrong position.
  • Setting half time or double time didn't fully take account of the host BPM.
  • Fixed an issue with drum patterns, on occasion the very first sample might not play.
  • Stability fixes.

Sektor v1.6.2 fixes and improvements include:

  • Added a visible menu for polarity to the expression envelopes. Was only accessible via right click Menu before.
  • Added an MPE visual keyboard for when Sektor is in MPE Mode.
  • Added support for ASIO drivers on Windows in the standalone app.
  • Added support for Bluetooth MIDI devices on Windows in the standalone app.
  • Improved point deleting behaviour in the Modulation envelopes.
  • Reduced CPU usage of the Oscillators, LFOs and convolution reverb.
  • When reloading a project if a destination wasn't enabled, enabling it didn't work.
  • Fixed Bluetooth MIDI not working in standalone on Mac OS 11.
  • Fixed MPE Mode not working correctly.
  • Fixed the delay mix resetting to full mix in certain situations.
  • Fixed right click delete points in the expression envelopes deleting the wrong point.
  • Stability fixes.


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