iZotope has updated Ozone 6 to v6.1, featuring the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Added Tube Limiter mode.
  • Added Adaptive Release in the Dynamics module.
  • Added back Module Presets.
  • Added customizable default presets.
  • Updated segmentation selection (to easily select loop regions in app).
  • Added automatic track numbering on export.
  • Added back auto-blanking option into Dither.
  • Added new presets for Dynamics and Maximizer.
  • Improved the Peak Level Detection algorithm in dynamics.
  • Fixed crash on OS X when using accessibility software.
  • Fixed delay between mid and side signals in digital EQ when EQ buffer size was set to high values.
  • Fixes to Legacy preset loading.
  • Fixed Pro Tools compare function.
  • Fixed phase slider resetting to 0 after hiding and showing the UI.
  • Improved sound quality when changing modes in Maximizer, EQ, and Dynamic EQ.
  • Fixed issue where matching curve would be cleared from unselected track when saving presets on another track.
  • Various documentation updates and bug fixes.


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