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Cambridge, MA USA

iZotope is a research-driven audio technology company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its award-winning products and audio technologies are used by millions of people in over 50 countries, from consumers to musicians to major film, TV, and radio studios. Some of the diverse clients include musical giants like BT, Depeche Mode, and RZA of WuTang Clan, radio stations like Boston's iconic WGBH, and TV programming like CBS's Survivor, the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch, the World Cup broadcast, and the GRAMMY awards. Through an extensive licensing program, iZotope technology is also directly integrated into products made by industry-leaders such as Adobe, Avid, and Sony, video games from companies like Harmonix and Ubisoft, as well as a growing number of mobile phone applications.

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Latest reviews of iZotope products

iZotope Everything Bundle
Reviewed By skajp2018
April 1st, 2022

One of the best product bundles I have ever worked with, completeness, presets quality, output quality, wow. Thank you guys at iZotope for all the good. You also have a greeeatly helpful and kind support team. I felt overall attitude of real interest and support, not only after I have bought their everything bundle, which happen so often, sadly, but guys at iZotope talked to me like that from the beginning, also before I had any of their products bought. 100% recommending iZotope and their products. I am in music and related business for 25 years, former Avid, Steinberg, Waves, Reason Studios, MOTU, ..., studio design and solution specialist at local reseller, I also produce music in wide range of genres, working on sound and dialogue treatment from time to time, where RX was an great help - I do not know how I could achieve the same without iZotope's tools. For music, do not forget to check their NeoVerb, and practically each of their products is a piece of art itself. Thanks almighty GOD for all this good and you guys at iZotope. Keep up the good. Pete.

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Reviewed By N7uno
December 22nd, 2021

Amazing Algorithmic Reverb.

Made by EXPONENTIAL AUDIO (IZOTOPE) with great Engineer Michael Carnes former Engineer from LEXICON.

Lots of new features. To be used either by sound Engineers or new people that are just giving first steps.

Uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically analyse the sound signal while it's running and settle the most adequate EQ/REVERB/Other settings to save time.

These may be later adjusted up to the taste of the user.

Has EQ before and after the Reverb that is settled by A.I.

Three reverbs (early reflections, chamber/small hall; hall/large hall) controlled in one single plugin controlled by some kind of vector joystick.

Another vector joystick for modulation if desirable.

Plenty hidden features. Just press the bar and lots of controls will open.

Possible to operate everything manually like in old time school equipment.

Improved reverb tail, Lexicon style maybe with a touch of Eventide style large Cathedrals Algorithmic Reverbs (Example: BLACKHOLE).

Resuming: lots of new features in a single plugin that keeps the integrity of sound and seems to avoid mudiness.


Absolutely incredible.

Definitely Recommended.

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Reviewed By gwenmollo
October 31st, 2021

one of my first vst... It was really simple to use, why a great sound .

Some nice presets.

I use it a lot on my tracks.

It seem no that it's hard to made it work (32-bits only) plus there are new better equivalent.

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Reviewed By Vatche
August 30th, 2021

It no longer exists.

When it was released, I did try it out, but the effect was so subtle, you kept wanting to push 100% as you could not tell if it was doing anything.

No wonder it's gone.

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Ozone Standard
Reviewed By john1984
January 2nd, 2021

Great when I need to do some quick mastering. The master assistant helps streamline the process.

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Trash 2
Reviewed By Igro
September 1st, 2020

Still one of the best distortion effects. But distortion is not the only function where it excels. Its compressor is a top notch. It is transparent and very effective on any source. I have sold other compressors that I had, becuase there was no point to keep dozens of comps for electronic music. In most cases I don't need a coloration on my audio. The color is added before the compression. Trash 2 can be bought very cheap, but its compressor can rival a more expensive alternativies with ease and also easily beats my DAW stock comps. Recommended.

The only issue with the Trash 2 is that it cannot save its own Quality settings, aka oversampling. Each time I load the same project, the settings are reset.

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Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
August 23rd, 2020

A good choice for lo-fi and modulation effects. The tape stop effect is decent, but would recommend the Wavesfactory Cassette Transport if you need more control over the tape stop sound.

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This is really a great reverb with some cool features. It does sounds very clean with some dimension and frequency shaping controls for each stage of the reverb signal.

It also able to throttle down CPU usage.

Like the way they arranged the presets (over 900 presets).

For the price ($9 at PIB) this is a steal.

Here is a quick demo and tutorial: https://youtu.be/K3isynfJLdQ

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